The Wiseguy Weekly: Locks, Leans and Laughs

Week three of college football is now here and teams are starting to find their identity. Resident Wise Guy went 2-1 last week to raise his season record to 5-1 ATS. This week I'm only picking one game, but I'll still provide you with some locks, leans, and laughs.

Let's get the pick and lock out of the way first. The game is Rutgers at Buffalo. The Scarlet Knights are a -21.5 favorite. This may sound like a lot of points on the road, but have no fear the Buffalo Bills of college football stink so bad you can smell them on the left coast. The wiseguys in New York are yapping their jaws on this game so you have to straight up listen and do what they say.

The play is Rutgers and if you don't have a dime to play, find one. Buffalo has been outscored in its first two games by a total of 69-0. Sounds like a lot of sucking. They also have a handful of players out on academic suspension or injuries. Remember the money I made you last week on playing against the 118th ranked team in Division 1-A? This Bills squad is ranked last, yep, 119th. I normally don't advocate stealing money from babies, but this week is different. The game gets a five star lock approval as the goose egg continues for the Bills. Rutgers 34 Buffalo 0.

Leans are all over the place in Pac-10 play this week. The following are games that I feel really good about, but I just can't quite pull the trigger.

  • Oregon State +14 at Louisville. This Beaver team is growing up fast and if all the chips fall their way this weekend we could be talking about a Top 25 team next week. I've watched Louisville play and I think they are a bit overrated. The media is probably getting in their head also.

  • Fresno State +2.5 at Oregon. I love the Fresnecks straight up on the moneyline. This is the best team in the WAC and they have weapons on both sides of the ball. The kids from Eugene haven't impressed me yet and I feel they are in over their heads in this one. Next week will even be uglier when USC comes into town, but I digress.

  • Purdue -7.5 at Arizona. Take the Boilermakers in this one just because Stoops will probably do something stupid again.

  • Idaho +14 at UW. The Vandals may lose but the Huskies aren't 14 points better than anyone. The Huskies won't win a game this year, and you can quote me on that.

For good laughs make sure to watch College Game Day on ESPN every Saturday morning. Lee Corso and his continuous shenanigans are flat out hilarious while the intelligence and game breakdowns by Kirk Hirbstreet are second to none.

That's all I got for this week. If you have any locks for next week email me and give your reasons for the pick. I will take the best lock with the most thorough evaluation/rationalization and print it with credit to you.

Good luck with your picks everyone and if ever in doubt talk to the wiseguys. They're everywhere! Bleed it!

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