Grool's keys to the Louisville game

Have arm will travel - that should be on the back of Matt Moore's jersey this week. Matt and the Beavers take their 2 -0 record into SEC country for a battle versus a Big East team. This will be one of the highest ranked opponents Oregon State has played in quite some time and should be a great test to see if this team will compete for an upper tier bowl, or be in Las Vegas or the "other" San Diego Bowl. Here are the keys to the Beavs securing a victory.

1. Continue the Moore to Hass connection.
Lets face it, in big games, big players need to step up and this is a great opportunity for Mike Hass to show that he is one of, if not THE, best receiver in college football. Look for Mike to have 150 plus yards receiving and at least two touchdowns.



2. Have special teams that aren't quite so special.
Last week the Oregon State special teams were a short bus special, this week the unit needs to be the Deion Sander's recovery speed special, or the Jerry Rice's hands special. It's all about being the right kind of special.



3. No free rides.
The defensive line needs to take down the running back at the point of contact, or at least stalemate them until the rest of the defense can get there. Too many yards after contact will kill the spirit of the defense and keep the Men in Black on the field too long.  Also not wrapping up the opposition leads to short yardage situations on second down which leads to a more vanilla defense.



Reviewing last week's keys:

1. Contain the Z
The Beaver defense did a nice job of not letting Zabransky create with his feet.  The "D" will need to do the same this week.

2. Stop the run
Boise State ran for 150 yards, but the defense buckled down in the fourth.  A more consistent effort will be needed against Louisville.

3. Establish the running game early
It would be a stretch to say that Oregon State established the running game as they netted just 83 yards.  But the running game did jump start the offense in the first half.

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