Coach and player quotes from Louisville

Oregon State head coach Mike Riley - "They built on one another, they have the pressure and we never could respond, we just couldn't stop them. They scored on five straight possessions."

Oregon State Head Coach Mike Riley

"They built on one another, they have the pressure and we never could respond, we just couldn't stop them. They scored on five straight possessions."

(on the Louisville defensive line) "Obviously they are good. But we made some mental mistakes and didn't play as smart as we could have."

"I'm disappointed in the game for sure. We are young in a lot of ways. We have to grow. I'll just take it for what it is right now. I won't push it aside and say it didn't happen. There are things that I hope guys will learn from."

"Louisville is good. They are big, they're fast and strong. They execute well and the quarterback is efficient. They have a physical running back, their receivers are big and a great big physical group. Defensively, they can overcome a lot of stuff by having a big physical front four, which I think is the key to great defense."


Oregon State Junior S Sabby Piscitelli

"Basically we didn't make enough plays. We went out there and it didn't go the way we planned. We have to learn from this experience and bounce back next week. We have to show that we are gonna bounce back."

"It wasn't about them; it was about us. We didn't execute our assignments. We were flying around and we weren't making plays. Louisville really played a great game. They are ranked for a reason. I tip my hat to them."


Oregon State Junior QB Matt Moore

(on Louisville's defensive line) "They were big physical, well coached and pretty disciplined. They caused some problems and made things difficult. They did their job today. They switched some stuff up on us, played real deep and then got in some different fronts and different sets. We had a good scheme and a good plan for what they were giving us, but it was unfortunate we did not get to run some of the stuff."

"We started out strong. But then they changed some stuff up and started bringing heat from everywhere. From what I saw, their offense is powerful. They move the ball up and down the field, not knocking our defense at all. They are a great team and defensively we saw one of the best today. Thumbs up to Louisville."


Oregon State Senior WR Mike Hass
"They scored at will. Seemed like it always took them on two or three plays to get into the end zone. We started the game well, but we just fell apart after that. And Louisville is good. I'd be surprised if they lose a game all year."

"They pressured us all day and that was the difference," Hass said. "It was one of things if we don't have time to throw, we are not going to complete many balls. The biggest part of the team is the line, O-line and D-line. And they really took it to us today. They scored at will. They ran under it and they were in the end zone in two plays, at least that's what it seemed like."

Oregon State Senior MLB Trent Bray
"They got us down and kept on us. We played well in the first quarter --well enough to win -- and we just played awful after that."


Oregon State Sophomore C Kyle DeVan
"I think the defensive line was a really well-coached line," center Kyle DeVan said. "They prepared well to counter our offensive schemes. They had a really good game, and we didn't play up to the level we wanted to play at. We picked up their stunts and zone blitzes, but one mistake kind of ruined the whole play."


Louisville Head Coach Bobby Petrino

"We hurt our reputation today. Our first script on offense was not very good, and we take pride in that. Overall, I'm very proud of our team because they showed a lot character and a lot of competitiveness. Our assistant coaches did a nice job of making sure we kept our poise and confidence. We like to run the ball and we tried to run early but (Oregon State) was committing nine to the run and that opened some things up. When Broderick Clark got hurt, it had an impact on our offense early because we had some things scripted for him. Mario (Urrutia) did a great job of stepping in and making plays. He's difficult to cover and he ran some great routes. Brian (Brohm) did a real nice job too. Our defense was really what got us going today. Our defense was able to get to their quarterback, got some turnovers and made some big plays."

"I'm a little surprised we won the way we did today. I was very nervous coming into this game. We put a lot of time in the off-season into preparing for Oregon State. You watch film of their bowl win over Notre Dame and see them leading USC 13-0 last year before losing a close game and you know they have talent. Our guys did a nice job of coming back after the slow start."

"I'm proud of our secondary. They competed very hard and did a nice job of being physical with (Oregon State WR Mike) Hass. I know he finished with some good numbers, but when the game was on the line, we did a nice job on him."

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