Pictures from Day 7

All the action from Saturday's scrimmage.

QB Derek Anderson dropping back to throw in the pocket.

More action from the scrimmage.

CB Shammon Jamerson, in the grey, and MLB Jason Lowe, in the black.

WR James Newson watching the ball sail by.

The defense moving in for a hit.

SS Calvin Carlyle walking the sidelines.

QB Derek Anderson throwing the ball.

FS Mitch Meeuwsen breaking up a pass.

WR Alvin Steen catching a ball.

RB Dwight Wright in action.

The line.

WR James Newson and CB Terrell Roberts.

WR's Travis Brown and Josh Hawkins.

QB Ryan Kanekeberg and Dennis Erickson.

QB Ryan Kanekeberg in action.

LE Noah Happe

The Beaver defense.

The Beaver offense.

RB Steven Jackson.

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