Grool's keys to the Arizona State game

As I lay in my hotel room in Kentucky last Saturday evening my thoughts turned towards the Arizona State game. I didn't want to think back on the Louisville game that I had just witnessed live and I didn't want to. My anger management counselor says I should deal with things like that and not repress them, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

HOW...I thought. HOW...are the Beavers going to beat ASU next Saturday? What possible three things can OSU do in order to beat the Sun Devils and their, if you listen to their fans, all world quarterback? Here's what I came up with.

1. Fresh faces
If the first string cornerbacks are not getting the job done, sit them, let Aaron Miller and Kellen Marshall get in.  Bring Rickey Herod off the bench. Let someone with something to prove, prove it on the field.  And to be quite honest, they can't get burnt any worse than the first stringers have been this year.



2. Insert pass rushers on second down
Defensive end Joe Rudolph has the skills to be a VERY good player, but he is only getting limited time. Let him have some game time to get into his rhythm and disrupt the ASU offense. Bring Gerard Lawson on a cornerback blitz and drop Keith Ellison into the zone on his side.  Bottom line - DO WHAT WE HAVE TO DO TO BRING THE HEAT!



3. Get the crowd in it early
Use the home field advantage by going up top to Mike Hass early, or run a reverse on the opening kick off.  On defense, the individual players must take it on themselves to make a big play early to get the crowd going. Pick a pass, cause a fumble, and/or lay a big hit on the quarterback or receivers.


Go Beavs!

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