The Wiseguy Weekly: Go OVER on the Over/Unders!

The New York wiseguys are in the doghouse this week and Grandma is paying them a visit. They didn't deliver the goods on the Rutgers pick last week and that leaves Bleeda with a 5-2 record ATS now. This week I will focus on the Pac-10 games. I'm ready to give out some winners, so listen up and get those dimes ready. I know it's not quite Christmas, but this weekend you can pretend and call me Santa Claus.

Game of the week - No. 1 ranked USC at #24 University of Oregon.
The Men of Troy are a three touchdown favorite, but many so-called experts pegged this game as the upset special of the year in their pre-season rags. The Ducks are tough at Autzen, the crowd is loud, and blah, blah, blah. Who cares! Despite some pundits questioning the Trojans defense this team could hang in there with some NFL teams.  Plus, does it really matter what kind of defense they have when they can drop 70 or 63 points on their opponents?

UO is averaging 40.6 points a game this year and will definitely throw up some points in this game. Will they stop the Trojans from scoring? I think not. The play on this game is obvious. Shootout City! Take the OVER 68. If you are feeling squirrelly take USC and give the mustard men 21 points. Not I though, I refuse to listen to short, fat Italian tennis pros that attended San Jose State. Uh, never mind. USC 45 Oregon 31.

The other Over/Under game I like is No. 18 Arizona State at Oregon State.
OVER 65. Two explosive offenses that love to throw the ball and two very mediocre defenses. I'm expecting a shootout in this game also. The Sun Devils are averaging 48.6 points per game, while the Beavers are putting up a 33.6 average. The OSU/Boise State game total finished at 57 points and that was under extreme weather conditions. Mid seventies and sunny skies are in the forecast Saturday. ASU 42 OSU 31.

There is some big favorites I like and lean to, but I won't fully endorse them as my plays of the week.

  • No. 9 Louisville -20 at South Florida.
    Over/Under at 62. Sheez Louise! The Cardinals may actually drop another 63 and you could hit this Over with the Bulls scoring zero. This is the inaugural Big East game for both teams if anyone cares.

  • No. 5 Florida -22 at Kentucky.
    Florida is good, Kentucky is bad. 'Tucky lost to Indiana last week 38-14. 'Nuf said.

  • In the battle of the Techs it's No. 15 Georgia Tech +11 at No. 4 Virginia Tech.
     The Yellow Jackets have a squad this year and getting 11 points is very generous. And by the way, I love saying VA Tech. It's fun. I don't know why.
Make sure you talk to your wise guys this week and don't be afraid to pick their brain. If they don't know who Grandma is then they are not true wiseguys. That's all this Resident Wise Guy has for now.

Good luck to all this weekend. Now go pick some winners! And go get paid! Do you got the skillz to pay the bills? BeavaBleeda baleed that many points will be scored in the state of Oregon Saturday and the scorekeeper is gonna be busy. You can baleed dat!

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