Interview With Jose Cortez

Here is the full transcript from's chat with San Franciso 49ers Kicker Jose Cortez. caught up with Cortez after Saturday's scrimmage. What is the biggest difference between the NFL and college football?

Jose Cortez: The only difference is there is more pressure, on everybody. That's their job and if they don't perform they're going to get rid of you. It gets easier. Practices are not as hard as they are here [at Oregon State]. You don't really do that much during the week. In order to be successful in the NFL you've gotta be consistent in your kicking Dennis Erickson has called the NFL the No Fun League before, do you find that to be true?

Jose: It's fine man. You get a chance to meet all these big time players and it's fun. If you're not having fun you are probably in the wrong place. You shouldn't be doing that. Do they ever chant your name in San Francisco?

Jose: [laughter] "No, no man not in San Francisco." Do you stay in contact with Coach Mike Riley?

Jose: I have not talked to him in a long time. The only person I talk to is the person that was my special teams coach, coach [Bruce] Read. What was it like playing the XFL? Was it a good experience?

Jose: It was fun. It was a different type of football. It was different rules basically. They were trying to make it more extreme. Too bad it did not work out. I was hoping it was going to last more than one year because it was fun and we got paid pretty well. Just four or three months and we were getting paid better than NFL Europe. Too bad they went broke. [laughter] Do you still follow what is going on at OSU?

Jose: Yes, I still follow the Beavs. What are your expectations for next year?

Jose: I'm hoping they do better. They looked pretty good today. The offense and #14 (Derek Anderson) looked pretty good. Hopefully they will finish the job this year and win more games and get back into a bowl. Just gotta keep working hard. Coach Erickson knows what he is doing and how to get the guys ready for the game. I hope they are going to have a better year this year. Are you signed with the 49ers for the next year?

Jose: I have a one-year contract basically. Some old I still have to go make the team. I have a better chance this year then before. Hopefully I will stay there for many years.

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