BeaverBytes from Day 8

The third week of practices began in the Indoor Practice Facility where Derek Anderson and James Newson continued to light up the defense.

  • Junior SS Shamon Jamerson was on the sidelines in sweat pants and a t-shirt. He was testing the ankle by running some passing routes on the side. He was limping quit a bit, but looks like he will be back for fall practice.

  • Junior WR James Newson wore #1 today at practice and looked extremely good. He continued to run crisp routes and was on the end of many Derek Anderson passes.

  • Junior WR Kenny Farley wore #2 on Tuesday.

  • Redshirt freshman QB Matt Dickinson and sophomore QB Ryan Kanekeberg took a few snaps. Both looked rusty and under threw many passes.

  • Newson had an excellent catch across the middle where the ball was tipped around. He stayed with it, caught it, and took it to the endzone.

  • The defensive line continued its dominance over the offensive line. In most of the drills the offensive linemen were pushed over by the defensive linemen.

  • Sophomore LB Jonathan Pollard and sophomore LB Seth Lacey had a "team" interception today. Pollard tipped the ball around and ended up with the ball behind his back. Pollard tipped the ball up were Lacey could catch it.

  • Sophomore QB Adam Rothenfluh did not look good Tuesday. He repeatedly overthrew his receivers, although none of his passes where intercepted.

  • Sophomore QB Derek Anderson continued to impress. He is throwing hard and on target.

  • Senior LT Lee Davis was yelled at on Tuesday's practice after he got beat by a defensive lineman for a sack. Erickson asked Davis when he was going to start to compete.

  • Senior WR Shawn Kitner got his hands on a lot of balls, but could not hold on as he was stripped numerous times by the secondary.

  • Sophomore LB Jonathan Pollard played a couple of series for the first team defense. He replaced senior LB Erik Tuma.

  • Sophomore RB Steven Jackson did not run with any of the teams today during the scrimmage. But he was seen eating in the cafeteria after practice and he appeared to be okay.

  • Senior PK Ryan Cesca made 2 of 3 field goals. Junior PK Kirk Yliniemi went 0 for 2 and did not look very good. His kicks are very flat and they would probably be blocked during a game.

  • Junior PK Mike White kicked at the end of scrimmage. He missed his only field goal attempt. He had enough leg, but the ball sailed wide left.

  • Dennis Erickson continued to encourage the players to come to practice mentally prepared. "If you want to win a national championship or go to the Rose Bowl, you have to come to practice mentally prepared."

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