Coach and player quotes

Coach and player quotes from Oregon State's 44-33 victory over Washington State.

Coach Mike Riley
(On OSU's victory) "This was a big day for us. We needed to get this win. I'm so proud of this team and our coaching staff. It didn't look good at halftime, but nobody panicked."

"We were far from pretty or perfect. But it's like I said from the beginning: This team has to grow. And I think in some ways we are doing that. Obviously, their heart is good."

(On Moore's 63-yard touchdown to Hass) "Matt made a great play to get away from the rush; then those two guys played football."

(On Afalava's forced fumble) "It was a major play in the game, I'll say that. This was a big day for us. We needed to get this win and there were a lot of big plays in the game and that was a major, major momentum play."

"It goes from them getting a touchdown to us getting the ball. I've seen it just a handful of times in 29 years of coaching; if you can just make a play, even though things look so bad, it doesn't look like a big deal but it changes the whole game."

"(Afalava's play) will always be a story for me now. If you hustle, you never know what's going to happen. That might have been the play of the day. It's about hustle, technique of getting the ball out, and Sabby hustling on the play. These will be teaching points forever and ever for this team. I've got those kinds of stories all through my career, but this is another one that will be added to it."

(On OSU's corners) "Our young cornerbacks have high-level character. They fight and do everything they can to get it done. They ended up making a lot of plays in the second half, which bodes well for the future."

(On changing up the defense) "We went after him a little bit more. We mixed some blitzes, were disruptive and made the ball come out quicker."

QB Matt Moore
(On his team at hafltime) "There were probably a lot of doubters out there, but not on our team. Nobody hung their head at halftime. We believed."

(On what the win means to OSU) "Coming off a win like this hopefully it will carry us through next week and just the momentum will go into Cal week. Right now, it's definitely the biggest game of our season."

LB Andy Darkins
(On changing defenses in the second half) "We were going to try to get him on the run a little bit, try to frazzle him. I felt like it worked. He made some hurried throws and we made some plays."

"There was a point in the second half where we kind of jelled as a defense. We got the swagger, that attitude back. Maybe that's what's been missing the last couple of games."

(On Piscitelli's interception) "That was the biggest pick of the season, maybe the biggest play of the season."

LB Trent Bray
(On blitzing Brink) "It's hard to throw when people are in your face. (Brink) really had nowhere to go with the ball. The defensive line got after him and our backs covered."

(On the defense stepping up) "We swarmed the run, and we played the deep ball great. Our corners made big plays and they shut them down. That was a big part of our success. Then we did a better job of hitting. It's hard to throw with people in your face and he had no where to throw."

"We were down at halftime and it looked like we couldn't stop them. This really shows the character of the defense and really what we can do."

S Sabby Piscitelli
(On what the defense did at halftime) "I think we just looked in the mirror and said it's time to step up. We knew that wasn't us. We knew we had to make some big plays on defense."

"We put ourselves in that hole and we knew we had to dig ourselves out. We came out in the second half focused and determined to win that game."

(On OSU's victory) "I think this win was as big as anything. We've got momentum now going into the bye week. The biggest thing is momentum."

(On what he said at halftime) "We told the offense to put numbers on the board and we would take care of the rest. We needed to make some big plays on defense, and we made many big plays to change the game."

WR Mike Hass
(On OSU's victory) "It was huge, but it's only the fifth game. I don't really care how we got the win, just that we got it."

(On his 63-yard touchdown) "When you drop that third-down ball you've got to come back and you've got to do something to make up for it. Hopefully I did."

S Al Aflava
(On his forced fumble) "I just had to push. The game was close, it was a big turnaround, I had to make a big play and I did it. It makes me feel good inside, for a true freshman, I thought I was a redshirt when I got here, but I guess I'm playing so I just have to go out and give it my all. That's what the players told me, ‘You turned the game around.' "

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