BeaverBytes from Day 9

The cornerbacks took another hit today as Terrell Roberts injured his knee.

  • Sophomore LB Jonathan Pollard and Sophomore LB Seth Lacey played on the first team. Senior LB Erik Tuma did not play with the first team at the scrimmage.

  • Junior WR James Newson was back to wearing #2 and junior WR Kenny Farley was back to wearing #1.

  • There were numerous scuffles today between the offense and defense. The most I have ever witnessed at any practice so far. A couple of the more flamboyant ones involved redshirt freshman CB Jamaal Jackson and junior WR Kenny Farley. The other intense scuffle involved redshirt freshman TE Dan Haines and sophomore CB Aric Williams. Most of the scuffles are broken up pretty quickly. None of the players have done anything stupid, they have just let their emotions get the best of them for a few minutes.

  • Senior CB Terrell Roberts hurt his knee in practice. It is not known how severe the injury is. Aric Williams replaced him on the first team.

  • Sophomore QB Derek Anderson and senior WR Shawn Kitner hooked up for a beautiful touchdown. Anderson made a perfect throw over the cornerback. Kitner showed great concentration in catching the ball as the cornerback flew in front of him trying to deflect the ball.

  • Redshirt freshman TE Dan Haines showed excellent footwork on the sidelines after catching a pass from Adam Rothenfluh on the roll out. Haines kept his body in control as the linebacker went flying by to pick up an extra 5 yards.

  • Halfway through the practice I was told cameras were not allowed because Coach Dennis Erickson requested it.

  • Sophomore RB Steven Jackson had some excellent runs. The offensive line game him some holes to run through, so Jackson could get going a few times. A couple of times Jackson showed his speed by out running the defenders to the corner.

  • Going back to the offensive line...they showed improvement opening up numerous wholes for the running backs to run through. Although the offensive line showed improvement the defense still dominated.

  • The offense and defense practiced in the redzone today. The first team was the only team to score on any defense while in the redzone.

  • Sophomore QB Ryan Kanekeberg continued to receive more snaps. Kanekeberg had an excellent 25-yd touchdown pass to redshirt freshman WR Travis Brown. His throws are not as hard Andersons, but they get the job done. They remind me of a "Jonathan Smith spiral." Kanekeberg also showed some mobility in the pocket, scrambling for 25 yards.

  • Injured senior SS Calvin Carlyle was very excited on the sidelines today. He looked like he wanted to go out and hit somebody even though he did not have any pads on.

  • Junior LB Richard Seigler continued to talk an immense amount of trash today. At one point he held junior RT Isaac Aronson down as he yelled in his face.

  • The offense and defense also worked on the goal line Wednesday. The first team offense scored on their first attempt, but failed on the rest. The second and third team offense did not score on any of the defenses.

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