Apology From BeaverFootball.com

The Oregon State University athletic department contacted BeaverFootball.com Thursday to request that we change the current format of our practice reports.

We at BeaverFootball.com apologize to the Oregon State athletic department and the Oregon State football coaching staff for any inconvenience our reports may have caused.

It is our goal to provide quality information to Beaver fans that positively reflects Oregon State athletics. We will continue to report insider information, but in a way that will not harm the football team's ability to compete.

We are fans of Oregon State athletics, particularly Beaver football, and would never intentionally report anything that may hurt the football team or help their opponents.

Therefore, we will not publish any further practice reports in their current format as of Thursday, April 18. We will continue to post the information that we feel is appropriate on the message boards. In addition, we have permission to publish reports from the scrimmage this Saturday and the Spring Game. Feel free to ask us specific questions you may have about practice on the message boards and we will do our best to answer them.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Go Beavs!

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