Our Mission Statement

In light of the recent controversy surrounding the practice reports, we decided to put together a brief statement outlining our purpose as a website.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide Beaver fans a central location for all the up-to-date news on Oregon State football and basketball.

We strive to offer features, opinions, insider information, and a place for Beaver fans to congregate and banter with like-minded folks. While some of the information we provide can be found elsewhere, it is a time consuming task to bring it all together. And that is what we do better than anyone else.

We feel that there is a lack of coverage of Beaver athletics and that we can provide a news source that positively reflects and promotes Oregon State University.


The staff of BeaverFootball.com is made up of committed fans, including OSU alumni, that have been season ticket holders for over a decade. We attend practices and games, write articles, and publish our content because we sat around talking about how valuable it would be if someone brought all the information together in one place.

Our site is a culmination of years of hard work. We had no clue when we started how successful it would turn out to be. We thank those of you that have been supporting us through membership. Your subscriptions make it possible not only for the premium content we provide, but also for every free article we put up as well.

We have a passion for Oregon State football and basketball and we hope it rubs off on you. Thanks again for your support. Go Beavs!

BeaverFootball.com Staff

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