Notes From Saturday's Scrimmage

The offense showed great improvement today. There is no question they looked as good as they have this spring. Sophomore QB Derek Anderson continues to impress. Erickson talked about how important it was to play him last year. The experience he gained is what allows him to be as far along as he is.

  • The offense showed great improvement today.  There is no question they looked better than ever today.  Sophomore QB Derek Anderson continues to impress.  Erickson talked about how important it was to play him last year.  The experience he gained is what allows him to be as far along as he is.
  • The offensive line created holes for sophomore RB Steven Jackson to run through.  Given some room, Jackson demonstrated the skill he showed last year backing up Ken Simonton.
  • Junior Kenny Farley made some nice plays in practice today.  Erickson told the media after practice that Farley could be the starter in the slot.  It's between him and sophomore Cole Clasen.  Junior James Newson and senior Shawn Kintner are the starters at the other positions right now.
  • Kintner continued to impress today.  He made a nice leaping catch in tight coverage.  He looks like he is determined to have a good senior season.  I think he will.
  • Newson also made some big plays today.  He dragged some guys along with him, fighting for first downs on a couple of downs.  Newson made a nice deep catch (about a 40-yarder).  There were a couple of other deep plays that were well thrown, but well defended.
  • Erickson also said that Shayne House has injured his shoulder again.  He did not participate at all in today's practice.
  • The battle for the starting kicker is still neck and neck.  It probably won't be determined until the Spring.

  • The second team offense didn't have too much success early against the second defense, but they improved a bit as the practice went on.  QBs Adam Rothenfluh (sophomore) and Ryan Kanekeberg (sophomore) took snaps as well.  Rothenfluh hit senior Seth Trimmer for a deep gain in the second team's biggest play of the day.
  • Sophomore Josh Hawkins made a beautiful Willie Mays over-the-shoulder catch, but it was out of bounds. 

  • Rothenfluh's first pass was intercepted by LB Jonathon Pollard, a sophomore.  Anderson also overthrew his receiver and had it picked by sophomore Aric Williams later in the scrimmage.  All three quarterbacks made some nice plays throwing on the run.
  • Freshman Jamaal Jackson made a couple of nice plays, making his presence known in the scrimmage today.
  • Junior center David Lose no longer has the huge afro.  His hair is now in cornrows.
  • Matt Brock made a great block that allowed Derek Anderson to roll out and complete a nice pass.  The hit was huge.
  • Tyler Ross was the star of the scrimmage.  He caught both of the day's touchdown passes, one with the first unit and one with the second.
  • It became apparent that the referee crew wasn't "top-notch" when in the biggest upset of the year, James Newson pointed 1st down after a big catch and wasn't ejected from the game (or even given a penalty) for unsportsmanlike conduct.  It's a good thing the "professional" crew from the WAC wasn't working.

  •  The defense still looked solid, but the offense definitely made some improvements.  On a few plays, the throws from Derek Anderson were right on the money just out of the grasp of the defender.  It was a good overall day.

  •  Dan and I were disappointed that OrangeAttack couldn't make it out, but we'll survive until the Spring Game next Saturday.

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