Coach and player quotes

Mike Riley and his player talk about their 23-30 victory over California.


On the 1st quarter:
"It was scary. You know it was six to nothing, and they're always in striking distance. Six points didn't look very comfortable and it didn't last too long. "

On the victory:
"Out team is pretty tough minded, we've been through a lot. We fought back in two of the best comebacks that I've been involved in. Out team never thought we couldn't stop them, and that we couldn't move the ball. With the fumble that was rule a touchback in the end zone, that can be very disheartening. I don't think our players let that get to them. "

"I think it's a great win for the Beavers against a top 20 team. Our coaches had a great plan."

On OSU Defense:
"I don't know what they rushed for but it wasn't very much. The game hinged on two things: them running, and us running. We did better today."

OSU Offense in the Red Zone:
"I didn't like it. I'm glad Alexis kicked a field goal. We've been a first ranked Red Zone team for two years, and we're still not firing on all cylinders right now. We'll continue to work better at it. That could have played a big, big difference today. "

On Keith Ellison:
"He's the best outside linebacker in the Pac-10. He is passionate, smart, tough guy, and plays every game like that. He played a hundred and some defensive plays against Washington State, and played all day today. He played on special teams. He's a really, really good football player."

On Sam Paulescu:
"The punter was big. I don't know how many were inside the ten yard line. Sam is good. He bailed me out on that one timeout at fourth and one. I didn't like the look of it , so we decided to punt it. Then we made the first down. I thought it was too early to go for it "



Matt Moore, QB

On the game as a whole:
"We just kept our heads up. We never gave up and kept trying."

On the defense:
"Our defense kept us in the game. They did a great job, especially stopping Cal's run game."

On preparing for the game:
"With the bye week we focused on ourselves. The work showed in how we played."

On how the win feels:
"Just to win against a top 25 team is huge. Coming into the UCLA game next week is big, especially with it being another road game."


Kellen Marshall, CB

On the game as a whole:
"It is a big confidence booster."

On how it feels to win after last year's game versus Cal:
"It was big winning in their house after what they did last year in Oregon."


Andy Darkins, LB

On the defense:
"We felt the whole week that if we stop Cal's run game and make Ayoob throw it we could win."

On beating a ranked team:
"It's been five years since we beat a ranked team. This was without a doubt the biggest win of the season so far. We are going to roll with this."

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