'We messed up the game.'

Post game news and notes from Oregon State's 51-28 loss to No.8 UCLA.

Play of the game.
The Bruins led 31-14 with 3:25 left before the half. On the first play from scrimmage Matt Moore hooked up with Mike Hass for a 58-yard gain to take it to the UCLA 19 yard line. The Beavers tried running twice but were stuffed for no gain once and lost four yards on the other play. On third and 14 Moore rolled from the pocket under heavy pressure and barely got rid of the ball before being sacked.

Unfortunatley the pass did not go beyond the line of scrimmage and Moore was called for intentional grounding pushing the ball back to the 39 yard line out of field goal range and a scoring opportunity.


Players of the game.

Offense - Mike Hass and Yvenson Bernard. Hass turned in a moster performance in the biggest game of the year while Bernard ran for over 150 yards for the second straight time.

Defense - Not one player stood out on the defense as they were tourched for 51 points.

Special teams - Sammie Strougher. The backup receiver had a nice day returning the ball as he had 50 yards in two kickoffs and as always made good decision in the punt return game.


Up and down.
Coach Mike Riley was clearly disappointed with his team's performance against UCLA as they gave up big plays and committed stupid penalties. With the well publicized blowouts at the hands of Louisville and Arizona State and the back to back come from behind victories over Washington State and California, Riley thought his team had turned a corner.

But the return of the big play and that pesky tight end in the middle of the field all by himself turned up again. Part of the lapse may have to do with the make up of the team. The Beavers start just seven seniors (three on offense, four on defense) and have the only starting offensive line in the conference without a senior. Plus, Oregon State has pretty much gone through most of the year without any major injuries, excluding Joe Newton, which is significant since the team lacks depth at several key positions.

Unfortunatley that caught up to them as Alan Darlin, a special team's standout, and Al Afalava, another special team's standout and starter, sat out. Darlin is usually one of the first players down the field on kickoffs while Afalava brings speed and attitude to special teams and defense.


Wrapping them up.
Maurice Drew racked up over 300 all-purpose yards and a large part of his success was the Beavers' inability to wrap him up. On his 59-yard punt return at least four Beavers tried to arm tackle Drew. The same situation happened several times on Drew's big running plays as well. The funny thing is the Beavers did a nice job of squaring up and tackling the California players. It seems the Beavers forget their fundamentals against UCLA and the players noticed.

"Give Drew credit for running hard, but we missed a lot of tackles," Bray said. "We did a bad job wrapping up, and we lost guys in pass coverage a couple of times. Against a good team, you’re going to get killed doing that.”


Deja Vu.
The tight end running down the middle of the field uncovered...it must be a scenario that the Oregon State coaches have nightmares about. It happened against Louisville. It happened against Arizona State. It happened against Washington State and it unfortunatley happened against UCLA.


Riley said that he was disappointed in his team's performance and part of that had to do with penalties. His team committed five infractions for 49 yards in the first half. Three of the first half penalites turned third and shorts into third and longs and resulted in the Beavers punting the ball away.

  • The offense opened up the game with a five yard delay of game - didn't hurt the Beavers.
  • An illegal block in the back negated a four yard gain by Bernard and made it first and 18 instead of second and six
  • A personal foul on Mike Hass on third one resulted in a third and 16 and eventually resulted in a punt.
  • A false start by Roy Schuening on third and two made it third and seven and eventually resulted in a punt.
  • An intentional ground call on Matt Moore took OSU out of field goal range and resulted in fourth and 30.
  • A pass interferance call on Keenan Lewis resulted in a first down on third and five
  • A personal foul on Schuening resulted in pushing the Beavs back 15 yards from the UCLA side of the field to the OSU side of the field
  • A delay of game by Ryan Gunderson pushed the ball back five yards in the fourth


Big leg.
The Beaver kickoff and punt teams, which had produced big plays the last few games, received minimal opportunities against UCLA. Bruin kicker Justin Medlock booted most the kickoffs out the back of the end zone while Bruin punter Aaron Perez only punted three times with each going inside the 20.


Showing some emotion part II.
For the second straight week Riley weared his heart on his sleeve as he was active on the sidelines cheering on his team. While Riley is quick to praise his players he did not hesitate to get in Roy Schuening's face after he committed a personal foul in the fourth quarter costing his team 15 yards.

When asked how he thinks he team felt after the loss Riley said, "I hope they're mad. That's what I hope, because we messed up the game. I think we really did. Our mistakes led to (the Bruins) having a more comfortable game than they should have. I don't know if we could have beaten this team. This is a very good football team. But we sure could have performed better. It could have been a good game. I really believe that, down deep in my heart. I told the team that, and we screwed it up."


Redzone improves but...
After performing horribly in the red zone against California the Beaver offense converted three of four attempts against UCLA. The only time the Beavers did not score was after the 58-yard pass to Hass and the intentional grounding call on Moore that pushed them out of field goal range.

Despite performing well in the redzone OSU had a tough time moving the chains between the twenties as they converted there first third down in the third quarter and finished just 2 of 13 for the game. After their initial scoring drive they had five consecutive three and outs. On the other hand the offense converted four of four fourth downs bumping their season success rate to 72.7% (8 of 11)


Hass record watch.
Mike Hass had another big night and moved his way up on the school's career touchdown list. With his two scores he has 20 career touchdown receptions tying him with James Newson. Hass also surpassed the 1,000 yard receiving mark making him the first receiver in Pac-10 history and just the 10th in NCAA history to have three 1,000 yards receiving. His 199 yards was also the sixth most yards receiving ever against a UCLA team. It was Hass' 16th 100-yard receiving game and the 25th consecutive in which he has caught a pass.


Remaining upbeat.
Despite the blowout loss, the team remains upbeat with three winnable games against Arizona, Washington and Stanford.

Trent Bray - “The season still looks good. We knew coming out of that bye if we could take one, and possibly two, from Cal and UCLA we’d be in great shape. We did that. We’re disappointed about tonight. But the season still looks good.”

Sabby Piscitelli - (On the rest of the year) "Nothing is easy. We need two more wins, and anything can happen in the Pac-10. There should be no overlooked teams."

Keith Ellison - "When you lose, especially the way we lost tonight, it's hard on guys. What's good about it is everybody is excited for next week. We're looking forward to getting ready for Arizona, coming out and practicing next week, and getting this thing back on track."



WR Mike Hass
(On UCLA) "But that was a good team we were playing. They scored 51 points on us, and it's hard to win when that happens."

LB Trent Bray
(On Maurice Drew) "He's a tough, strong runner with a low center of gravity. They scouted us and he made those plays. He touches the ball a lot. We prepared for him, but he made a lot of great plays. If you're not ready for him, he'll kill you."

LB Keith Ellison
(On the Pac-10) "Nobody gave us a chance against Cal. You need to bring your best no matter who you play. Everybody can be good."

Head Coach Mike Riley
(On the game) "I thought we screwed it up in the first half. The penalties were a big factor because every time we'd start moving the ball, we'd get a penalty and it would go backwards. That stuff changes everything. I'm really disappointed in that. We did some good things out there, but we really shot ourselves in the foot. And you can't do that against that team. They have a very good offense."

(On the OSU defense) "We gave the defense some bad field position and they made some great stands, but that was a lot of points they got on us."

(On UCLA) "UCLA has a very good offense, and they're very balanced. Maurice Drew is an excellent football player. Their tight end is good, and so is their QB. We did not want to kick it where [Drew] could return it. I thought our kicker did a good job."

(On Moore) "I thought Matt made a lot of tough plays. I thought he led our team well. The one ball early for an interception, that gave them three points, but besides that I thought he made a lot of good plays and led our team pretty well tonight."

(On how to stop Drew) "You know what our answer has to be? We have to tackle the guy. That's the answer. Now, he's pretty special, too. It was interesting to watch him on the field, because he packs a punch. He comes around that edge and he goes for it. Very, very impressive, as we already knew, but seeing him on the field was even more impressive."

(On Paulescu and kicking to Drew) "Sam punted fairly well tonight, except for the one ball. Then we had plenty of chances to tackle him, and did not. We lost opportunities to make that a game, and that's what is the most disappointing thing to me. I think it should have been a good game."

QB Matt Moore
(On returning to UCLA) ""It was cool coming back here, nice to be back playing at the Rose Bowl. It wasn't really a big deal. It was just playing a game. There was no reason to feel pressure. I had that one interception to (Spencer) Havner, but other than that I felt good. I talked to Maurice Drew and Coach Dorrell after the game. It was all good."

(On the game) "We felt we could move ball on them. But you can't be the No. 8 team in the nation with just a good offense, and that speaks a lot to their defense."

(On his play) “(The first interception) kind of ticked me off, but I played OK. The Bruins played real good. They’re as good as people say they are.”

(On the UCLA student section) "Oh yeah; I heard all that stuff. But that's the students' job. That's college football and you gotta love it. With the history that I have with the university, leaving and all that, it didn't surprise me."

S Sabby Piscitelli
(On the OSU defense) “Give lots of credit to (the Bruins), but there were a lot of plays we should have made. We just gave up too many big plays. We weren’t consistent on defense. We made some good plays, but you can’t give up big plays against a good offense. There were so many opportunities where we could have turned that game around, and we didn't."

(On Drew) "We had some good shots on Drew, and he stayed on his feet. But we said all week that we needed to do a better job of swarming the ball, and we didn't do that for the most part and we didn't wrap up as well as we should have."

P Sam Paulescu
(On Drew's 59-yard punt return) "The blame is on me. I should have put it out where it was supposed to be and I didn't. I let it loose, and I deserve that. That was my fault. The guys did a good job. That's on me. That punting was my fault. Drew is just an amazing returner, an amazing player. Great players do great things, and that's what he did."


Team news and notes.

  • UCLA had five plays of 39 yards or longer
  • UCLA's three tailbacks had 41 carries for 241 yards.
  • UCLA improves to 37-13-4 all-time against Oregon State and has won the last three meetings.
  • Drew Olson's six touchdown passes equal the most ever thrown against Oregon State (tied with John Elway of Stanford in 1980).
  • OSU's last road win over a top 10 team was in 1967 at Purdue.


Player news and notes.

  • LB Trent Bray led the team in tackles for the sixth time this year.
  • S Lamar Herron was replaced after struggling with coverage assignments. Bradon Hughes took his place and played well recording five tackles, including one for loss.
  • WR Ruben Jackson's involment in the offense is steadily improving. Against Cal he had two catches while versus UCLA he recorded two catches for 25 yards and one rush on a double reverse good for 24 yards.
  • CB Keenan Lewis suffered a concussion in the third quarter and did not return. He was replaced by Kellen Marshall.
  • QB Matt Moore completed 14 of 25 passes for 279 yards, keeping the Beavers offense on pace to finish with 3,540 passing yards in 11 games. That would be the third-highest total in school history, behind on the 4,265 yards in 13 games in 2003, and the 3,706 yards in 12 games in 2004.
  • TE Jason Vandiver received the first start of his career at OSU and caught three passes for 38 yards.
  • DE Joe Lemma recoreded his second sack in two games.
  • CB Brandon Hughes added another pass breakup to his college resume. In each game he has started he has broke up at least one pass. He currently has seven breakups which is good for second on the team.
  • RB Yvenson Bernard turned in another 150 yard plus performance as he ran for 167 yards and two touchdowns. The last time the Beavers had back to back 100 yard rushing games by their back was in 2003 by Steven Jackson.

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