The Wiseguy Weekly - Go with your Gut

BeavaBleeda was back in business last week going 2-1. He now stands at 10-9 ATS on his published picks and is feeling frisky. No trends this week, no analytic schematics, no Terrible Terry. I'm going with my pizza eatin', Lagunitas IPA drinkin', lunchtime burrito gut. I contemplate in my office drinking cheap red wine and admiring my Beaver memorabilia.

Ahhhh, the 1998 Civil War 44-41 double overtime goalpost pencil holder, mmmmm....Fiesta Bowl front page article, ooh lookie's the Beaver wall calendar, and oh the orange clock (it's getting late). I digress, as I'm notified by the regulation buzzer of the Lakers and Nuggets game, which are now headed to overtime. Blah, blah, blah. Now bring it! Bleeda!

South Carolina + 4 at Arkansas.
The Gamecocks are going to Arkansas and will outplay the Razorbacks winning it straight up. Steve Spurier wears visors, Bleeda likes and wears visors as well. The Hogs coach Houston Nutt is starting true frosh quarterback Casey Dick and taking his redshirt off. Roosters outscore the Pigs. It just feels right. South Carolina 24 Arkansas 20.


Hawaii at Nevada -6.
The Rainbow Warriors have to travel to the mainland and are mentally spent after playing Fresno State tough at home last week. The Wolfpack win this one decisively, while Hawaii frolics in the streets of Reno the night before. The result is a quarterback spending most of the day on the ground Saturday. I'm tempted to get a cheap flight and go to the game. Anyone remember Erickson's debut in junior. Sin City? My memory is fuzzy. They sell beer at the stadium. Nevada 41 Hawaii 23.


UNDER 30.5 First Half Cal at Oregon.
Mix it up. Try something new. Ok, seriously you start betting over/unders on halftimes either you got problems or you are really getting desperate and think you're actually crunching the numbers. This one is really simple though. Crappy cold wet weather, Cal runs the ball, UO is transitioning to a new quarterback, and both teams will run the ball a lot in the first half. Runs keep the clock moving and slow down the tempo. SD Beaver told me to take the Ducks. I told him to take the UNDER first half. Do what you gotta' do to get the union back! We take payments in beers, cigars, and Rose Bowl tickets. Score.......who cares as long as the total is under 31 at halftime.

Well, we are heading down the home stretch. Will the Beavers run the table and go to El Paso? Will UCLA run the table and land in the Rose Bowl or have a Fiesta? Will the Ducks implode? Is Cal for real? Will the Coogs, Cooooooooooooog it again? How much will USC win by this week? What about the SEC it a fraud? Will VA Tech make a statement against the Hurricanes? Can the Huskies win a PAC-10 game this year? Well, I at least I know the answer to the last question. And I can tell you this much, it doesn't involve purple and gold.

Gotta believe! Fall is in full swing! Orange is festive. And the men in black will be back on attack. Go BEAVERS! Bleeda OUT!

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