'Penalties hurt us big time.'

News, notes and quotes from Oregon State's 20-17 loss to Stanford.

Play of the game.
With just over 12 minutes left in the second quarter and Stanford up 10-7 quarterback Matt Moore rolled out of the pocket and was tackled. Moore stayed on the turf as the trainers rushed out to his aid. He twisted his right knee, which was immediately iced, and did not return.

“My leg was planted, and (a defender) grabbed me up high and pulled me down from the back,” Moore said. “All my weight went back on it.”

After Moore was injured the Beaver offense struggled to move the ball as the passing game shortened up.


Players of the game.

Offense - Mike Hass had a quiet day with six catches for 140 yards. 82 of his yards came on two long passes including a great snag where he adjusted to an underthrown ball. After his 140 yards, Hass broke his own single season record of 1,379 and now has 1,425 for the year.

Defense - Sir Henry Anderson was a man on a mission as he dominated the Stanford defensive tackles. He finished with seven tackles, including two sacks, caused a fumble, and blocked a field goal.

Special teams - Sammie Stroughter didn't break one for a touchdown but he fielded all of the punts clean and smartly called for a fair catch or took the ball upfield.


Unusual day for kickers.
One of the consistent parts of the 2005 squad has been the kickers, but things feel apart for both Alexis Serna and Sam Paulescu. Serna missed three of four field goals, including a 52-yard attempt into the wind to tie the game. Earlier in the game Serna missed wide left on a 44 yard and 37 yard attempt. Stanford coach Walt Harris called back to back timeouts on the 44-yard kick.

Paulescu, who was leading the Pac-10 in punting with a 43.6 average, had perhaps had his worse game of the year as he shanked punts of 26, 22 and 35 yards in the first half. Paulescu ended up with a 37.4 average over nine kicks.


Dinged up.
The Beaver offense started to drop like files halfway through the second quarter. On back to back plays Yvenson Bernard, Matt Moore and Josh Linehan all went out with injuries. Bernard and Linehan returned, but Linehan saw limited action.

Bernard injured his hand and was replaced by Nate Wright. Moore injured his right knee and was replaced by Ryan Gunderson. Linehan injured his left ankle and was replaced by Andy Levitre. Bernard and Linehan are expected to play in the Civil War. But just in case, running backs Nate Wright and Patrick Fuller in addition to offensive lineman Andy Levitre will receive extra repetitions in practice this week.


There were several bad calls by the officials Saturday but there were just as many stupid penalties by Oregon State players. In the first quarter defensive tackle Ben Siegert was called for roughing the passer as he knocked Trent Edwards to the ground well after the ball left the quarterback's hand. Offensive guard Jeremy Perry was given a personal foul after he hit a Stanford player near the fifty well after the play was over as well.

Here's how the Beavs have done in the penalty department this year:

Stanford: 11-123
Washington: 7-61
Arizona: 12-106
UCLA: 8-68
Cal: 10-94
Washington St: 8-50
Arizona St: 7-61
Louisville: 11-77
Boise St: 9-84
Portland St: 7-44

Penalties in losses: 435
Penalties in wins: 283
Total: 718


Attendance record.
In six games Beaver Nation averaged 42,190 shattering the old average of 36,436 in 2002. Unfortunately, Reser Stadium did not sell out in 2005.

Reser looked at its fullest against Boise State. The Boise State game was also probably the loudest game of the season as well. There was also good enthusiasm at the Stanford game as the crowd stayed into the game until the final seconds.


Gunderson's first significant action.
The people that started chanting for Ryan Gunderson finally got their wish as the hometown boy came in the second quarter. Gunderson looked confused for most of the two plus quarters that he played and struggled throwing on the run. Several passes hit Stanford defenders in the hands while few hit the Beaver receivers in the numbers. He finished with 156 yards while completing 11 of 26 attempts.

The funny thing was that the same people that were giving Moore such a bad time were eerily silent after watching Gunderson or they were saying the same things about Gunderson that they were of Moore. Go figure.


Additional news and notes.

  • DE Jeremy Weldon's time on the field has increased throughout the year and he turned in his best performance of the season grabbing five tackles.

  • CB Brandon Hughes recorded nine tackles, good for third on the team this week. Last week he lead the team in tackles with eight stops.

  • WR Mike Hass needs four catches and one touchdown to own all of Oregon State's career receiving records.

  • DE Jeff Van Orsow became the first OSU defensive lineman to score a touchdown since Noah Happe returned a fumble 19 yards for a score against UCLA on Oct. 5, 2002.

  • DE Victor Butler was called for running into the punter twice. One was a bad call as he was pushed into the punter by a Stanford player.

  • RB Yvenson Bernard saw his string of 100-yard rushing games end at four. Bernard had 81 yards on 22 carries.

  • PK Alexis Serna tied Kirk Yliniemi's record of 15-straight field goals without a miss.

  • The Cardinal had five first downs via a penalty and both of their touchdowns were setup by the yellow flag.

  • Stanford won the time of possession battle holding the ball for 31:44 compared to 28:16 for OSU.

  • Oregon State won the turnover battle 3-1.


Coach Mike Riley
(On the game) “The defense made a lot of plays. Our team fought like crazy and stayed in the battle to the very end. There were numerous times when penalties played a major role. We had two on third-down situations. They played a major role in in field position or for Stanford to be able to keep drives going. We did talk about (playing smarter) at halftime. The scoring opportunities for both teams were fairly even, and we hurt ourselves or were called for penalties that were a factor. I'm going to have to look at all that. We really hurt ourselves. But we had opportunities right down to the wire."

(On the 52-yard kick) "The rain makes that kick harder for sure. And it was very close to whether or not we should have gone for it on fourth down or tried (the field goal).

(On Anderson's penalty) "I know for sure there was one inadvertent facemask penalty. Now, after that, I'm going to have to take a look and use some judgment myself on the calls."


QB Matt Moore
(On Gunderson) “Ryan did awesome. I knew he would. He knows the offense and has the athletic ability to do it all. He’s a pretty fiery guy. He needed to lead the team, and he did.”

(On how Moore is) “I’m all right, I guess. Something happened when I got pulled back. It’s pretty painful. It’s a throbbing feeling in my knee. It doesn't look good right now. It's pretty painful. It's like a throbbing feeling, and my knee is swollen. They just iced it and they got a brace on here to immobilize it. But, I mean, it's painful."


DT Sir Henry Anderson
(On the penalties) "We made a lot of dumb penalties. Without my facemask, we stop them. After that penalty, they scored. We made a lot of mistakes, me included. Dumb penalties, hitting after the play -- stuff we don't practice. That made it a lot tougher. Penalties hurt us big time, just like they hurt us in the Arizona game."

(On what to learn from this season) “We’ve got to learn how to finish. You can’t win if you don’t know how to finish, I don’t care what team you are.”


QB Ryan Gunderson
(On the Civil War) “I want to beat those guys (the Ducks) so bad. It's tough to look guys like Alvin Smith and Henry Anderson in the face, Mike Hass, Trent Bray, Keith Ellison, after this game. We just didn't get it done. I want them to go out with a win. Coach (Mike) Riley said to us after the game, ‘Let’s win one to play two. Let’s beat Oregon to get another game for those guys.’

(On the penalties) “We made mistakes. A lot of it was guys playing hard — too hard sometimes. Some of the penalties were just dumb.”

(On the deflected pass to Haines) “It was like, ‘A bounce finally went our way’ and it put us in resonable range. I felt like we had a chance.”

(On his play) “I haven't been in that position for awhile. I felt comfortable in the third quarter. I felt smooth and I felt the guys had confidence in me. I try to prepare to be ready for this, and I thought I was. But you can’t be totally ready unless you are out there every week."


PK Alexis Serna
(On his misses) “I just didn’t stay consistent to what I’ve been doing the whole year. I didn’t keep my head down and kept hooking it left.”

(On the 52-yard kick) “I felt it was within my range. I hit it good. I looked up, saw it, it was straight enough, but it looked like it just got caught by the wind. Going in that direction probably made about five to 10 yards difference.”


WR Mike Hass
(On the Civil War) “We’ve got a big task ahead of us. We wanted this game so we didn’t have to go down there and get bowl-eligible. It’s the situation we put on ourselves. We have to win or the season ends.”

(On the game) "Maybe, maybe it just wasn't meant to be. We shot ourselves in the foot a lot, that’s what we did. Some of it (the penalties) was us being a little too fired up, and there were some bad calls in there. Some things didn’t go our way.”

(On the 52-yard kick) “It’s a long field goal so you can’t blame it on anybody. With the game on the line with a 52-yarder in the rain, it’s tough. It’s a tough kick for anybody to make. You can’t expect anyone to make the kick, not even in the NFL.”

(On Moore getting injured) “Of course the team is going to be effected when that happens. You don’t plan on that happening. But Gundy did a good job.”


LB Trent Bray
(On the game) “I don’t want to get myself in trouble with what I say. We made some bad decisions sometimes. Penalties affected the game a lot. Both of their touchdown drives were kept alive by our penalties. They were huge. The defense played well enough to win. We made some mistakes — missed field goals, some calls didn’t go our way. Things just piled up.”

(On why the Beavs lost) “It’s missed opportunities. Against Arizona we’re in the red zone and we turn the ball over. Today we miss two field goals. We’re given chances and we’re not taking advantage of them.”

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