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What the media is saying after Oregon's 56-14 victory over Oregon State in the 109th Civil War.

Beavers must begin work for 2006 today
The work must begin today.

A handful of objectives await the Oregon State football program in the wake of Saturday’s 56-14 Civil War misadventure at Autzen Stadium. Most, if not all, must be successfully addressed if the Beavers hope to emerge into the sunshine again from the thick fog that enveloped them against the Ducks and the final five games of 2005...more from Brooks Hatch of the Gazette Times.


Loud and foggy
It was louder than ever and a good thing too because if you were sitting in the press box you might not have known what was going on the field because of the fog. The players on the field did however, and if you are an Oregon Duck you know your team scored 56 points and the Oregon State Beavers scored 14.

The 109th annual Civil War, played in the fog was a good old fashion blow out, and now the Oregon Ducks are looking at the BCS for a bowl they believe they deserve...more from Steve Summers of E-Duck.com.


Dominating Ducks
There were no storybook endings Saturday night.

The Ghost of Slow Starts came to collect on the Oregon State football team as the 109th edition of the Civil War unfolded as expected...more from Cliff Kirkpatrick fo the Gazette Times.


Gunderson has rough start for OSU
Ryan Gunderson knew he had to be nearly perfect if Oregon State was to have a fighting chance in hostile Autzen Stadium in the 109th Civil War.

Unfortunately for OSU, he and the rest of the Beavers were far from flawless in a 56-14 loss to Oregon on Saturday night...more from Brooks Hatch of the Gazette Times.


Ducks crush Beavers
Revenge was sweet for Oregon at Autzen Stadium Saturday. Duck fans couldn’t see a lot of it happen, but they didn’t mind at all.

That’s the case when you beat the haze — er, daylights — out of your arch-rivals. The 10th-ranked Ducks jumped in front from the start and pounded Oregon State 56-14 on a cold day in which fog thickened and visibility lessened as the game wore on...more from Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune.


Oregon clobbers OSU
The 109th edition of the Civil War turned into the Fog Bowl.

At one point in the second quarter, the press box announcer at Autzen Stadium said a pass by Oregon State quarterback Ryan Gunderson was "apparently incomplete."...more from Gary Horowitz of the Statesman Journal.


Dixon shines for Ducks
The University of Oregon just might have found a quarterback peeking through the shroud of fog that covered Autzen Stadium for most of Saturday afternoon.

Dennis Dixon was a big spark for the Ducks in the first half and led UO to a 56-14 win...more from Kevin Hampton of the Gazette Times.


Ducks triumph easily, 56-14
In a sea of green in the parking lot at Autzen Stadium, Beaver fans stood out.

It wasn't only because their orange-and-black uniforms contrasted sharply with a green-and-white background, but also because their loyalty to a school didn't matter within tailgating parties...more from Beth Casper of the Statesman Journal.


Gipson's picks fuel Oregon
He is among the smallest players on Oregon's roster, but no one had a bigger role in Saturday's Civil War than cornerback Aaron Gipson.

Gipson's 60-yard interception return for a touchdown on the game's opening possession gave the Ducks an immediate lift...more from Gary Horowitz of the Statesman Journal.


Hass sets Pac-10 mark in final game
The career of one of the best receivers in Oregon State and Pacific-10 Conference history ended Saturday night in the fog at Autzen Stadium.

Mike Hass, the former walk-on from Portland's Jesuit High School, caught 10 passes for 107 yards in the Beavers' 56-14 Civil War loss to Oregon...more from James Day of the Statesman Journal.


Despite big win, Ducks likely to miss BCS parade
Amid the fog and mist and chill Saturday night at Autzen Stadium, one thing appears crystal clear: The University of Oregon football team is markedly superior to that of Oregon State.

Although you could barely see the 56-14 final result on the scoreboard, the domination was clear. Oregon came prepared, played like it, and impressed the fog-enshrouded crowd of 58,525, the largest ever to see a Civil War game...more from James Day of the Statesman Journal.


Rout is clear as day
It wasn't so much about 60 minutes as 365 days. Far from the number of plays mattering, it was the plays of big numbers that made the difference.

All that meant it was a Civil War to remember for 10th-ranked Oregon, and a long, foggy Saturday to forget for Oregon State as the Ducks put on new uniforms and then undressed the Beavers in a 56-14 capper to a regular season that matched the best ever for the home team at 10-1...more from Bob Clark of the Register Guard.


Ducks' journey entertaining, no matter where it leads for a bowl
Somewhere in the thickest fog I can remember for a football game in Autzen Stadium, in new uniforms so dark as to render the Ducks mere shadows on the moor, identifiable only by those strange block yellow numerals, Oregon continued its most improbable season since the Rose Bowl campaign of 1994.

A year after being whipped in the Civil War, denied a bowl berth, sent home into a long winter of soul-searching and reconstruction, Oregon turned the tables on Oregon State on Saturday, routing the Beavers 56-14 before 58,525 who, in the end, chanted "B-C-S, B-C-S" as representatives of the Fiesta Bowl walked onto the sideline for the final minutes...more from Ron Bellamy of the Register Guard.


For seniors, loss to UO is a tough way to finish
Oregon State linebacker Keith Ellison can now say he has been on both sides of Civil War blowouts -- the Beavers' 50-21 victory last year at Reser Stadium and Saturday's 56-14 loss to the Ducks at Autzen Stadium.

"It's tough right now," Ellison said. "They just beat us. There's nothing else left to say about it. They came out and completely dominated us in every aspect of the game."...more from Jim Beseda of the Oregonian.


Final loss leaves Beavers seniors with a bitter taste
The pain of a 56-14 loss to Oregon still on his face, Oregon State defensive tackle Alvin Smith stood in a cramped room at one end of Autzen Stadium and spoke from the heart Saturday night as a gloomy fog settled over the Beavers' lost 2005 season.

What Smith will remember most isn't an embarrassing blowout in the 109th Civil War game, but what the mistake-prone Beavers did in the weeks after their 23-20 upset of then-No. 18 California on Oct. 15...more from Paul Buker of the Oregonian.


'I'm furious,' Gunderson says
Instead of a "Rocky" story, Oregon State quarterback Ryan Gunderson's first career start was simply rocky.

And it wasn't because of the fog...more from Jim Beseda of the Oregonian.


Fog, Beavers no threat to Ducks
It may have been hard to see the players on the football field, but the message was clear: This was payback time.

In a heavy fog that obscured some of the sights but none of the emotion, the 10th-ranked Oregon Ducks beat the Oregon State Beavers 56-14, turning the tables on last season's Civil War and turning fans' attention to the Bowl Championship Series...more from John Hunt of the Oregonian.


Save judgment on Riley for a year
Let's separate the facts from the fog and start with the obvious.

Mike Riley will be back as Oregon State's coach next season, and he should be...more from Ken Goe of the Oregonian.


Party is over, it's time to get down to Fiesta
The big play won't go down as a pass. Or a run. Or even an interception or kickoff return. In fact, if you're talking about huge plays and what amounts to Oregon's Bowl Championship Series hopes, the biggest of the big hasn't even happened yet.

Hold that thought...more from John Canzano of the Oregonian.

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