Junior Profile - Alex Brink

Alex Brink is a 6-3, 180-pound quarterback from Eugene (Ore.) Sheldon, and Brink has been drawing the attention of some interested schools lately. That fact shouldn't surprise you but what might is which schools they are. LSU? Why would a school from Baton Rouge be paying particular interest in a signal- caller from Eugene?

"I've been getting a lot of letters from LSU, don't ask me why," Brink told Dawgman.com. "But they make things sound pretty good down there so I'm going to check their camp out at the end of July. The Tigers' camp will finish up a fairly hectic summer camping schedule for Brink.

"For sure I'll be going down to Arizona State's half-day camp on June 2nd, and the Nike camp on the 8th," he said. "Then I'll be going back to Tennessee to see my brother and I've signed up for their football camp as well. Then I think I'll be going to Stanford's camp at the end of June and then LSU's camp at the end of July." His brother is a swimmer for the Volunteers, so it's clear that athleticism runs in the Brink family. Alex runs a 4.79 40, benches 205 pounds, squats 315 pounds and jumps 28 inches in the vertical leap. He threw for 3543 yards last year, including 42 touchdowns and only 10 interceptions for the Fighting Irish, leading them to 12-1 record and an eventual loss to McNary in the state 4A championship game.

For his exceptional work, Brink earned first team all-state, first team all-league, league offensive player of the year and team co-MVP honors. "I'd say I'm more of a dropback passer," Alex said when asked to describe his style on the field. "We do a lot of things in our offense, like sprint outs to both sides like Oregon does, but for the most part I do 5 and 7-step drops." Brink feels he's more than just a leader for Sheldon. "I'd say I'm a 'situational leader'," he said. "I try to stay calm and composed but when we make a big play I can get fired up and if I make a mistake I'll get even more fired up, but for the most part I just try and stay calm." Getting a chance to atone for the loss to McNary is going to drive Brink and the Fighting Irish this coming season. "It's the ultimate for me," Alex said about the chance for redemption. "I see guys that are seniors now and they all talk about how they aren't going to get another shot to win it. We are definitely working towards the goal of making it to the state championship again, but we have to take each practice and each game seriously so we get another chance. That means the most to me."

And personal goals? "The biggest thing for me is just getting bigger," he said. "I need to put on 10 pounds before the season starts. And I just need to keep getting better at every aspect of the game, especially the mental side. I work on mechanics all the time, but I need to take more time studying game film and things like that." Being an athlete means Brink uses his talents all over the place. "I think football is the ultimate ticket for me, but I would love to get a chance to pitch in college," he said. "But my future is in football."

Colleges have been paying attention too. Since the evaluation period started, Pac-10 schools have been flocking to Eugene to watch film of Alex and his teammates. "So far, Oregon and Oregon State have dropped by, as well as Cal and UCLA," he said. "They've been talking to our coaches about some of our players, including me." He's been hearing from the whole Pac-10, as well as LSU, BYU, Northwestern, Colorado, Georgia Tech and some Ivy League schools.

While one of the West's top schools is right in Brink's backyard, Alex is ready to explore all the options available to him. He went to Oregon's spring game and had a chance to talk with Mike Bellotti and Andy Ludwig. "I've lived in Eugene for 16 years and Oregon has an awesome program," he said. "I go to their home games and root for them, but I root for other teams too. I've been thinking what it would be like to get away and see what the rest of the country has to offer."

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