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Meet BeaverNationTransit. He has been a Beaver fan for over 3 decades and remembers the days when Earthquake Enyart rumbled down Parker. Username: BeaverNationTransit

How did you become a Beaver fan?
Attended OSU, 1978-1982. As a very young kid I was intrigued by "Earthquake Enyart."

How long have you been a Beaver fan?
34 years

Did you attend OSU? If so, what years?
1978-1982. I was never able to sit through a complete game at Parker stadium. The Beavers were so bad under Fertig and Avezzano, that I would usually get disgusted and leave at half-time. This back fired once when UCLA jumped ahead of the Beavs 13 - 0 in the first quarter. I decided I could better spend my time studying, went to the library and then later found out the Beavers had rallied to win the game 15-13. On another occasion they were playing Stanford. Hadn't won a game in forever. I was studying at home when a friend called and reported they were leading the Cardinal with about half the fourth quarter to go. We dashed over to the game and I was able to actually see them win a football game.

What is your favorite memory as a Beaver fan?
The Beavers defeating California and registering their first winning season in 28 years. The joy on the turf after the game was amazing. Second place would be the win over USC the next season.

What is you least favorite/most humorous moment as a Beaver fan?
During the Pettibone era, I was fishing on the Wilson river, the Beavers were slated to play the Huskies I believe. Anyway, something like 15 driftboats floated by and I had to endure numerous jabs at my Beaver hat. I usually replied that "every Saturday was a fresh opportunity for the upset of the decade."

Do you prefer the old Benny or the new Benny?
New Benny. He looks unique. Old Benny should have been a walking caricature at Disney Land.

Reser or Parker?

Wishbone or Spread?

Orange pants or black pants?

A win in the Civil war or a bowl game?
Civil War = usually equals bowl invitation.

Washington Huskies or Oregon Ducks?

Mike Parker or Darrell Aune?

Who is your favorite all-time OSU player? Any sport.
Kane Rogers.

List your top 3 Beaver football players.
Ken Simonton, Jonathan Smith, Reggie Toungue

List your top 3 Beaver basketball players.
Lester Connor, Steve Johnson, A.C. Green.

Who are your favorite coaches? Any sport.
Erickson, Dale Thomas

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