Serna, Hass continue to rewrite record books

More than three weeks after the conclusion of the Oregon State football season Mike Hass and Alexis Serna continue to rewrite the school's football record books. The Associated Press named Hass a first team selection while Serna earned second team honors.

Over thirty years have passed since the last time a Beaver was named to the first team.  Linebacker Steven Brown, who is the school's game, season and career tackle leader, earned first team honors in 1972 after grabbing 186 stops.  Hass is just the fourth Beaver to make back to back All-American teams as he was a third team selection a year ago.

This is the sixth time in school history that the Beavers have had two players from the same year on an All-American team.

Besides Terry Baker, Hass is quickly becoming one of the most decorated players in school history as he has been named to All-America and All-Conference teams by almost every newspaper, magazine and website that covers college football.  But Serna, who is just a sophomore, could shatter several records as he moves into his junior season.  If Serna continues with his success he could become the first Oregon State player to be named to three consecutive All-American teams.  Plus, he could add another trophy to his resume.


OSU Players with at least One First Team All-America Selection
Gap Powell, FB, 1921
Howard Maple, QB, 1928
Red Franklin, HB, 1933
Ade Schwammel, T, 1933
Vic Sears, T, 1940
Bill Gray, C, 1946
Jack O’Billovich, LB, 1964
Jon Sandstrom, G, 1967
Jess Lewis, DL, 1967
Bill Enyart, FB, 1968
Steve Brown, LB, 1972
Mike Hass, WR, 2005


OSU Players Voted Second or Third Team All-America by the AP
Eberle Schultz, OG, 1939
Quentin Greenough, C, 1941
Rich Koeper, 1964
John Didion, C, 1967
Craig Hanneman, DT, 1970
Steve Coury, SE, 1979
Fletcher Keister, OG, 1992
Inoke Breckterfield, DE, 1998
Chris Gibson, C, 2000
Steven Jackson, TB, 2002, 03
Mike Hass, WR, 2004
Mitch Meeuwsen, S, 2004
Alexis Serna, K, 2005


OSU Consensus All-Americans OSU Players Named to the Sporting News Freshman All-America Team
Herman Abraham, HB, 1916
John Witte, T, 1956
Ted Bates, OT, 1958
Terry Baker, QB, 1962
Vern Burke, SE, 1963
John Didion, C, 1968
Richard Seigler, MLB, 2000
Mitch Meeuwsen, FS, 2001
Brandon Browner, CB, 2003

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