The Wiseguy Weekly - Bowl Season

BeavaBleeda finished the regular season 15-13 ATS in his published weekly picks. That's good for a 53.57% which is just enough to cover the juice and buy a Heineken and a hot dog. You know the place I'm talking about if you have been to Reno.

Now we are approaching bowl season and that's where Bleeda makes you the big money. The games start next Tuesday, December 20 with the New Orleans Bowl. I will breakdown my picks for the Pac-10 teams in the bowl games today and next week I will give you Bleeda's sleepa's.

Las Vegas Bowl December 22 - California(7-4) vs Brigham Young(6-5) +7.
Remember favorite UCLA choking last year to Wyoming in this game? Look for a possible similar result from our Pac-10 representative Cal Golden Bears. I honestly do not think a well-coached Jeff Tedford Cal team should lose to BYU, a team playing in a weak conference, but I do think Brigham Young has value in this game and will cover the number.

My crystal ball tells me the kids from Berkeley will stay out a little later, drink a little more, and get into a bit more trouble than the Mormons from Utah. The wiseguys in Vegas have told me that they are going to show the Bears a good time. BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall says in a place like Vegas, he feels better knowing that he's got 29 seniors, 23 married men and 62 players who've completed Mormon missions.

BYU also has an Honor Code that stipulates players won't break the law, drink alcohol, or engage in a list of other vices. California 34 BYU 28.

Insight Bowl December 27 - Arizona State(6-5) vs Rutgers(7-4) +10.5.
This game has bettors on both sides of the fence and I have also found myself hopping back and forth. This game is basically a home game for ASU as it is being played twenty minutes away in Phoenix at BankOne Ballpark, which is actually a baseball stadium and is a lame place to watch a football game in my opinion.  This line opened at -13.5 for the Big East Scarlet Knights and New Yorkers started throwing money at this game like crazy. Very dangerous to lay double digit chalk in a bowl game.

It's not necessarily a good thing that the Sun Devils are playing close to home though. "Players are more likely to go stale because they don't get to take a trip or visit a place with a special atmosphere," said professional gambler Dave Malinsky.

As long as this game stays above 10, go with Rutgers. The Pac-10 wins another bowl game, but dog covers the spread. Arizona State 41 Rutgers 31.

Holiday Bowl December 29 - Oregon#5(10-1) -3 vs Oklahoma(7-4).
This game is a tough one to call. Many believe the Ducks have a chip on their shoulder since they weren't invited to the BCS party and will do what Cal did last year in the Holiday Bowl and not show up. I think the opposite will happen and they will be on a mission out to prove they are a BCS caliber squad.

Oklahoma finished the season playing great football, but after a month layoff the team will lose all that momentum. I bite my tongue when I say this and I'll be a Sooner fan when UO and OU go at it, and I won't throw down any of my personal money on the Zeros, but bottom line,  the U before the Zero will be the victor, not the Zero before the U.

Make sure you buy the half point whatever side you are on for insurance. This looks to be a field goal game going down to the wire. Oregon 41 Oklahoma 38.

Sun Bowl December 30 - UCLA#17(9-2) vs Northwestern(7-4) +2.5.
I'm looking forward to this game, which we can call Rose Bowl Jr. The Bruins are seventh in the nation in total offense while the Wildcats are eighth. This game is going to be fun to watch.

The Over/Under is only 74. I could easily see these two teams breaking 90. Whoever scores last wins this one. UCLA's run defense is just horrible and I think the Cats have value on the moneyline in this game. The best play is probably the OVER. Northwestern 52 UCLA 48. (Wow! That's a 100 points. Take the OVER to the bank and get paid!)

Rose Bowl "BCS Championship Game" January 4 - USC#1(12-0) -7 vs TexASS#2(12-0).
This is the game we have been waiting for all season long. The two heavyweights left standing, the only two teams who went undefeated, and the two teams with superstar quarterbacks. Well, then there is the X factor. The Trojans happen to have a guy by the name of Reggie Bush, who won the Heisman Trophy. Remember last year USC laying a beat down on Big 12 champ Oklahoma? This year won't be as ugly, but Texas will lose by at least two touchdowns.

Parlay the University of Southern California with the OVER 71. This game will be just like the Sun Bowl. Shootout city! The west coast boys from SO Cal reign supreme for the third straight year, win their 36th game in a row, and finish #1 once again. USC 45 TexASS 31.


Get paid! Cash me! Bleed it!

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