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BeavaBleeda is not sleeping, so grab your seatbelt and buckle up. He's going to take you for a ride. Four bowls down, and too many to go. Last week we discussed Pac-10 teams. This week Bleeda will focus on da' Sleepa's dat de bleeds dat dan dover da dumber. Since it's the Christmas season and I'm in the giving mood, I will actually give you all my picks and Super Sleeperz.

Bleeda is not a tout in real life, he may run in the shady circles by night, and run a monopoly of myths and fallacies by day, but he pulls the diamonds out of da rough. So Beavs, guests, other rodents, friends, family, zeros, west-coasters, business men and women, kids, retirees, writers, professionals, whatever...I need you to focus and read the fine print. I'm trying to make you money. Bleed in Bleeda. Screw Santa!. Here we go.

12.23 - Is Christmas here yet? Ah, shishkabobs! I still have shopping to do. You get'er done then you can watch the Fort Worth Bowl sponsored by Plains Capital. nah, I lied. It's actually the Plains Capital Forth Worth Bowl, like that really matters. Kansas vs. Houston. Who cares! At least they don't have to travel far. My advice is to not watch this game played in TexASSSSSSSSS.


12.24 -  5:30 p.m. pacific it's the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl. Ok, enough of the sponsors! I'm not giving them credit anymore. The smaller bowls need the pub, but this is getting ridiculous. And that second down pass is brought to you by blah, blah, blah. Skip church and watch the game or open presents very early or very late.

The Nevada Wolfpack will destroy the University of Central Florida Knights coached by George O'Leary. Pack coach Chris Ault is in his twenty second year and trips to Hawaii are normal for him and his school because they are in the same conference. The Knights landed in this game by accident. They are going to party hard, and get food poisoning. Remember the Beavs at the Oahu Bowl. Easy money! Take Nevada -2. I'm going heavy and hard on this game. You should too. Why not? EZ me if you have a reason. Next!


12.25 - Merry Christmas!. No game. Hmmmmm, nice change. Teams used to have to worry about booking a flight to the Islands or spending Christmas in Las Vegas. Talk about a hard sell and monetary setbacks.

12.26 - The Monday blues?. Hopefully your work gives you this day off honoring the Sunday X-Mas. What to do? Plop on the couch and watch the Motor City Bowl played in Detroit, Michigan. Memphis vs. Akron Zips +4.5. SLEEPA #1. Don't ask questions! Zips is a cool name for a mascot. I bleed it's like a fast rabbit or hybrid between a duck, beaver, husky, wildcat, and chicken.

Zips have won three in a row and this is their first ever bowl game. They will be fired up. Get a ticket and drive your Ford to Ford Field. That would be a quirky road trip. Stop in Reno, Las Vegas, or an unlicensed Indian casino and play the moneyline. You will get $170 for every buck played (C-NOTE). That's what I call Zippity Do Da Zippity Day, my oh my it's going to be Akron's day. Ok, now the teams get better.

12.27 - Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando, FL. Clemson vs. Colorado. This game is OFF THE BOARD. You can probably find it somewhere, but don't bother. Just get back in your FORD after the Zips win and drive down to Orlando. Not sure if you will make kickoff, but you can try. My prognostication is that the team that scores the most points will win. Now off to Phoenix and let's try to gain some Insight.

12.27 - ASU vs. Rutgers. Bowl. Nobody cares about this game. Everyone in Arizona is saving their money for the NortreDomer versus Buckeye Fiesta Bowl the following week. I am starting to run out of insight now because it's 12:24 and I'm drunk.

This game is a tough one to handicap. Game is played at BOB, which is a baseball park. LAMO who is to BLAMO. I watched Pitt Pantherz and Larry Fitzgerald kill my OSU Beavs there and it freaking sucked. Line is now down to -10 for the Sun Devils. Opened quite a bit higher. Money keeps on coming in on the team from New York. I got it at +11.5, but you better buy the hook or skip the game "no play." This is not really a home game for ASU and Rutgers has more motivation to win. Road trips are fun and in bowl games the team going somewhere they have never been plays more loooooose.

Speaking of loose, ASU is a top party school and bikini-glad-clad girls are everywhere. The playa's (Scarlet Knights) will be happy as can be after the ASU gals show'em the campus. If you know what Bleeda means. Does that make sense? I could easily talk about this game for next five minutes but I'm not. I'm getting sleepy. Bleeda Sleepa #2.


12.28 - 1:30 p.m. pacific: MPC Computers Bowl, formerly known as the Humanitarian Bowl or Potato Spuds Bowl pits Boise State +2 vs. Boston College. WAC#1 vs ACC #6 or so. Blue Boise plus two. Hawkins last game and hopefully everyone can kiss and say their goodbyes. The Eagles will get tweaked by the smurf turf. You want to know why? Broncos are 5-1 ATS in last six lined games. When playing on turf the Broncos are 9-1 and 5-1 in December. It's blue skies for BSU Broncs on that friendly BLUE turf. What a concept. This one shouldn't be a sleeper, but the Idahoans are the dog. SLEEPA #3.


Stay tuned to ESPN and pull off a doubleheader on hump day. It's still Wednesday and now it's 5 p.m. Big 12 #4 versus. Big 10 #4 in the MasterCard Alamo Bowl. What a propaganda ploy! They want us to spend money on our MC, don't they!? Mainstream America at it's finest, or corporate America.

This game has big names with Michigan versus Nebraska. But these teams aren't as good as they used to be. Game is in San Antonio, texASS. This game is all about hype and I could ramble on about it, but I'm tired and my baby is crying upstairs. Michigan is currently -11.5 and I know wiseguys that are throwing big $$$ on the fave. Over/Under is 46.5, which seems low. This is a play/no play for me. My gameplan is set.

 Kick back in my favorite chair and casually watch the game You see by now I'm already about $25K up. Time to lay in the weeds, smoke my big fat Cuban cigars, and enjoy the holiday season.  BLEED IT!


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