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Meet BelieverTim. He is a frequent poster on the message boards and often gets under Duck fans skins... Username: BelieverTim

1. How did you become a Beaver fan?
My parents surprised me by taking me down to Parker to see the Beavs play in the fall of 1968. It was extremely exciting for a 7 year old kid to see all of the pageantry of a big-time college football game and I've been a diehard Beaver Believer ever since.

2. How long have you been a Beaver fan?
See question one.

3. Did you attend OSU? If so, what years? Any good stories?
No, I didn't get the chance to attend OSU but would have loved to have. I did have friends that attended and I was able to see many games sitting in the student section. I'd always borrow someone's student ID and flash it at the usher (covering the picture with my finger) and walk past. It worked every time.

4. What is your favorite memory as a Beaver fan?
I have a few actually. The first game I attended being one. Another being the time I took my mom to see them play UCLA in Civic Stadium here in Portland. Although the Beavs lost the game, it was a fantastic day just doing something like that together. Another was when a friend of mine and I attended the CW in Parker. Sitting in the student section in a torrential downpour. The guy behind my buddy kept dumping the rainwater off of the umbrella right onto my buddy! Finally, after about 15 times of this, my buddy reached back and took the umbrella away from him, telling him, 'If you don't know how to use it, you lose it". And KEPT the umbrella! Number one though, would have to be the Fiesta Bowl rout of vaunted Notre Dame! What else could it be?

5. What is you least favorite/most humorous moment as a Beaver fan?
One of my least favorite would have to be watching Rich Gonzales (Garcia? I can't remember now) getting sacked about 500 thousand times by the Arizona Wildcats. It seemed like every time he took a snap he was on his butt. Humorous? When my wife snuck into the Civil War by marching in with the Beaver marching band, even though she can't play a musical instrument and only had about 10 minutes to learn the steps. The girl marching next to her asked if she could play and Sarah said, "NO!" And they both burst out laughing.

6. Do you prefer the old Benny or the new Benny?
Why? Mixed. I like the tradition that goes along with the old Benny, but feel that we needed an image change and the new logo reflects the new attitude of the Beavers.

Reser or Parker?

Wishbone or Spread?
Spread. I hope to never see the wishbone again.

Orange pants or black pants?

A win in the Civil war or a bowl game?
Depends on the bowl game. probably a bowl game though.

Washington Huskies or Oregon Ducks?

Mike Parker or Darrell Aune?
Darrell for sure. I just wish Darrell would have had more to cheer about during his career.

7. Who is your favorite all-time OSU player? Any sport.
I couldn't come up with just one player.

8. List your top 3 Beaver football players.
that's a tough one. I would have to say several. I've enjoyed watching Jonathan and Ken the last few years, but I also enjoyed watching Erik Wilhelm, Dave Schilling and Bill Enyart on the O side of the ball. There are too many studs that I've enjoyed watching on defense to list them all.

9. List your top 3 Beaver basketball players.
Steve Johnson, A.C. Green and Gary Payton. I did get to sit in the student section with A.C. one football game and he was a very nice guy.

10. Who are your favorite coaches? Any sport.
Dennis Erickson! Ralph Miller!

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