Scholarship Math

Hold on a minute! Oregon State had roughly 20 scholarships to hand out this year and they just singed 30 recruits...the math just doesn't add up!

By our estimates, the Beavers have 64 players on scholarship, excluding Wednesday's signings but including December's signings (Smith, Polk, LaRoque, Francies). The maximum scholarship limit is 85.

Right off the bat we can knock off four scholarships from the total giving us 26.  We can also knock off five more scholarships due to Krebs, Tuimaunei and the Unga brothers all likely to be taking their missions.  Camat will also be greyshirting do to the team not having enough scholarships this year.  That leaves us with 21.  Receiver Kyle Brown, a recruit from last year, enrolled in January and will count against last year's class.  So, that gives us 20 scholarships for the 2006 class.

It's that simple!

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Greyshirts (5)

  • LB NR Keo Camat - (Not enough scholarships this year)
    (Jesuit HS) Portland, OR 6-2/220/4.80
  • QB NR Kaulin Krebs - (Missioin)
    (Kahuku HS) Kahuku, HI 6-2/175
  • S NR Suaesi Tuimaunei - (Missioin)
    (Kahuku HS) Kahuku, HI 6-0/190/4.52
  • TE NR Devin Unga - (Missioin)
    (Kahuku HS) Kahuku, HI 6-1/201
  • LB NR Kevin Unga - (Missioin)
    (Kahuku HS) Kahuku, HI 6-2/222


Count against last year's class (5)

  • WR NR Kyle Brown - (grey shirt from last year)
    (Mater Dei HS) Santa Ana, CA 6-4/195/4.50
  • CB JC Coye Francies - (December '05 signee)
    (American River) Sacramento, CA 6-2/195/4.40
  • LB JC Joey LaRocque - (December '05 signee)
    (College of the Canyons) Santa Clarita, CA 6-1.5/228/4.58
  • RB JC Clinton Polk - (December '05 signee)
    (Scottsdale) Scottsdale, AZ 6-2/220
  • DE JC Dorian Smith - (December '05 signee)
    (College of the Desert) Palm Desert, CA 6-3/255


This year's class (20)

  • DT JC Gerard Lee
    (Scottsdale) Scottsdale, AZ 6-3/274
  • TE NR Geoff Garner
    (Mesa HS) Mesa, AZ 6-6/275/4.90
  • OL NR Timi Oshinowo
    (Neuqua Valley HS) Naperville, IL 6-7/280
  • LB 35 Gabe Miller
    (Lake Oswego HS) Lake Oswego, OR 6-4/230/4.60
  • LB NR Dwight Roberson
    (St. Bonaventure HS) Ventura, CA 6-0/215/4.69
  • LB NR Mana Lolotai
    (Kamehameha Secondary) Honolulu, HI 6-0/221/4.70
  • WR 78 James Dockery
    (Palm Desert HS) Indio, CA 6-2/170/4.50
  • P NR Kyle Loomis
    (Roseburg HS) Roseburg, OR 6-3/185
  • TE 20 John Reese
    (Upland HS) Upland, CA 6-4/215/4.70
  • DE JC Keith Robertson
    (Foothill) Los Altos Hills, CA 6-3/240
  • OL 82 Mau Nomani
    (Tigard HS) Tigard, OR 6-4/278/5.60
  • DT 57 Alex Linnenkohl
    (Capital HS) Olympia, WA 6-2/298
  • WR 98 Joe Halahuni
    (Orting Senior HS) Orting, WA 6-3/230/4.80
  • LB 55 Keaton Kristick
    (Saint Mary's HS) Phoenix, AZ 6-3/220/4.78
  • WR NR Casey Kjos
    (Lakota East HS) Middletown, OH 6-4/190
  • OL NR Ryan Pohl
    (Kamehameha Secondary) Honolulu, HI 6-4/245/5.10
  • DT 70 Mitchel Hunt
    (Corona Del Sol HS) Tempe, AZ 6-3/260/4.90
  • LB NR Tom Hansen
    (Sheldon HS) Sacramento, CA 6-2/220
  • TE 55 Howard Croom
    (Wilson HS) Long Beach, CA 6-4/235/5.00
  • TE NR Brady Camp
    (Sam Barlow HS) Gresham, OR 6-5/230
  • DE JC Danzel Issac
    (Eastern Arizona) Thatcher, AZ 6-4/215

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