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Meet OrangeExpress. While at Oregon State he protected the Bronze Beaver and skipped a fraternity brothers wedding for a football game... Username: OrangeExpress

How did you become a Beaver fan?
I grew up watching OSU basketball on TV during the 80's.

How long have you been a Beaver fan?
1980 (+/-)

Did you attend OSU? If so, what years?
Yes, 1988-1993. My fraternity participated in Pettibone's "guard the beaver" during the week leading up to the 1992 Civil War. We played football on the Parker turf, met the coach, and stayed up all night protecting the bronze beaver from Eugene anarchists...

What is your favorite memory as a Beaver fan?
2001 Fiesta Bowl

What is you least favorite/most humorous moment as a Beaver fan?
Missing a fraternity brother's wedding to watch the home football loss to Montana in 1996. Also, the first OSU basketball game on TV that I can distinctly recall was the home loss to ASU during the 80-81 season.

Do you prefer the old Benny or the new Benny? Why?
Old (although the new one has grown on me). I like the old Benny because it is a part of Oregon State tradition.

Reser or Parker?
Doesn't matter to me (although we seem to win more home games now than we did when it was called "Parker" :-)

Wishbone or Spread?

Orange pants or black pants?
Either (but no orange pants with white tops.)

A win in the Civil war or a bowl game?
Bowl game.

Washington Huskies or Oregon Ducks?
I would prefer defeating the Ducks over the Dawgs any day.

Mike Parker or Darrell Aune?
While I like Parker, Aune is #1 in my book.

Who is your favorite all-time OSU player? Any sport.
Gary Payton

List your top 3 Beaver football players.
Tim Alexander, Jonathan Smith, Ken Simonton

List your top 3 Beaver basketball players.
Payton, Brent Barry, Bill Sherwood

Who are your favorite coaches? Any sport.
Dennis Erickson, Ralph Miller, Jimmy Anderson (as an assistant coach)

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