OSU first to offer 4-star Portland DT

ONE OF THE candidates for the top defensive tackle prospect out West in the 2007 class can be found in in Myles Wade, the 6-2, 290 pound wrecking ball out of Portland. He's been starting on varsity since he was a sophomore, and already holds an offer from Oregon State. BF.C talks recruiting with the four star prospect out of Benson Tech High.

The list of schools pursuing Wade is lengthy -- no surprise there. But there are a few that are recruiting him the hardest at this early stage.

"I'm hearing a lot from Oregon State obviously, and then from UCLA, USC, Notre Dame, Texas, Alabama and Michigan -- those are the top ones," said Wade. "The door's open to anyone who's willing to recruit me."

Wade will attend the Beavers' junior day later this spring.

He's familiar with both in-state schools, having been at Oregon State during the WSU game and then UO at the NIKE combine last year. Wade's also been to South Bend already, he and his father traveling to Notre Dame for last month's junior day.

"The only thing (different) is it's colder in Indiana," laughed Wade. "No, seriously though. All three of them are nice. Oregon, Oregon State and Notre Dame are all nice. I really can't judge one school to another right now because there are more schools I want to go see."

Among those, Florida and Virginia are two schools Wade mentioned that interest him, each having sent him lots of mail. Closer to home, UCLA is a school Wade plans to visit later this spring.

"I've been getting mail from every school in the Pac-10 except for Washington," said Wade.

On making his decision, Wade said football considerations will be third.

"The thing that's most important, is that it's a good school academically," said Wade. "Location and comfort will be second and third will be the kind of football program it is."

WADE HAS DRAWN comparisons to Portland's Ndamukong Suh, the Grant High standout who signed with Nebraska in 2006. But according to his prep coach, Wade is further along at this stage than was Suh.

"Myles has more dimensions to him, and he's faster," Doug Bilodeau told The Portland Tribune. "I'd rather have Myles Wade right now."

Wade racked up appx. 50 tackles this past season, with a safety, three forced fumbles and eight sacks. His athleticism for a big man is striking says Bilodeau, who used Wade as a fullback at times.

"He's a beast," Bilodeau told Scout.com. "He's played a little offensive tackle for us. He played fullback for us, and he plays defensive tackle and defensive end. That can be in one game."

Wade's strength numbers include a dead lift of 500 pounds, a bench press with 395 on the bar and a squat of 500 pounds. He ran a 5.01 and a 5.1 in the 40 at the NIKE combine at Eugene last year, followed by a 4.9 at Benson.

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