Beavs charging after Cali receiver

OREGON STATE has extended an offer to another student-athlete at a California school stacked deep with potential D-IA talent. Sean Wiser out of Oaks Christian in Westlake Village is a star receiver who already holds four full rides in his pocket. The Beavs' early offers include at least three scholies extended to Oaks Christian prospects but they have a ways to go to match another Pac-10 school, one who has offered eight prospects at Oaks Christian.

Wiser talked with OSU's Mark Banker shortly after receiving the Beavers' offer.

"It was nice, apparently they had offered earlier but had lost my information," said Wiser. "It was just a conversation to see how things were going but it was nice."

In addition to Oregon State, he's had occasion to talk to Oregon, Arizona, Mississippi State and Stanford so far. Besides the Beavs, Wiser (6-2, 183), holds offers from Oregon, Mississippi State and Kentucky.

"And then I had heard Duke and Michigan State were in the works of offering me," said Wiser.

Other schools of interest include Stanford, Cal, Notre Dame plus Washington and Washington State. Michigan State likes him as a DB, while everyone else sees him as a receiver. Wiser said he has no position preference at the next level.

"I'll probably be making trips to a bunch of schools in April during my spring break," said Wiser. "I'm probably going to be visiting Washington, Washington State, Oregon, Oregon State and then USC and UCLA since I live out here. And then Notre Dame."

OREGON STATE'S KNOWN early offers to Oak Christian prospects include Wiser, safety Marshall Jones and running back Marc Tyler, with coach Bill Redell saying a couple more may have verbal offers from OSU but he didn't want to confirm until it arrived in the mail.

Still, three from one high school is a lot. But it's not close to the eight that in-state rival Oregon has extended to Lions players.

"I've never heard of one school offering eight guys," said Oaks Christian coach Bill Redell, a former pro and college coach who has placed 45 student-athletes in D-I programs during his 17 seasons in the high school ranks.

"Oregon offered eight guys -- Wiser, Michael Ebbit, Casey Matthews, Anthony Gildon, Duke Lemmens, Marshall Jones, Marc Tyler, and Jimmy Clausen," said Redell.

A COLLEGE COACHING staff, system and a good sized size school will all factor into his decision, said Wiser. Distance will not be a deciding factor.

Wiser said it was too early to name frontrunners, but the offering schools and Stanford are certainly among those he's interested in talking to more. Stanford was a school in particular he and his family have followed over the years. Wiser is a star in the classroom as well on the field, with a 3.9 GPA.

AS A JUNIOR, Wiser caught 38 passes for 901 yards in 11 games where statistics were available. Defensively, he racked up 52 tackles (37 solo) with a sack and pulled in four INTs.

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