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Meet KEP4OSU. He has many fond memories about Beaver basketball, and even some about Beaver football from the "bad" years... Username: KEP4OSU

How did you become a Beaver fan?
My dad took me to my first Beaver football game in 1968. Back then my dad could get a faculty pass, and that allowed us to go down on the OSU sideline where I stood in utter fascination. I remember being in awe of the players, blood dripping down faces, off elbows, and thinking, man these are the toughest guys alive. I decided then and there I wanted to be a Beaver.

How long have you been a Beaver fan?
Since Fall '68.

Did you attend OSU? If so, what years? Any good stories?
Yes! I attended OSU from 1980 to 1985. Four of those years were spent trying to pursue a football career, but unfortunately the good Lord didn't bless me with stable knees. Stories??? Heaven's yes, but many would have to be saved for a age restricted site. But one of my favorite memories had to be coming back from a 28 pt. first half deficit to beat Fresno St. 31-28. At the time it was the largest comeback in NCAA Division 1 history. Unfortunately, it was alsoour one and only win that year.

What is your favorite memory as a Beaver fan?
As a fan, my favorite memories are as follows: Tthe OSU men's basketball team coming back from a 10 pt. deficit with 1:01 minutes remaining to beat ASU in 1980. That was a stacked ASU team with the likes of Alton Lister, Lafayette Lever, Byron Scott, Sam Hooks, and company. Then there was Ricky Lee's bankshot over Ron Lee as time ran out to beat the Ducks in the last face to face meeting between the two Oregon Schools that season. Can't mention that without mentioning Lonnie Shelton's turn around jumper as time expired at Hec Ed in Seattle, to beat Marv Harshman's pesky Husky team. And then there was Lonnie throwing it down over UCLA's Richard Washington when dunks were still illegal in college b-ball. Wins over the Bruins back then were a rarity. But those memories might even have to take a back seat to the Beav's Fiesta Bowl slaughter of the much hated Irish. It honestly doesn't get any better than that!

What is you least favorite/most humorous moment as a Beaver fan?
It would have to be last years game against USC down in LA. Having two opportunities to win it in regulation, giving the Beavs the chance to win at USC for the first time in God knows how many years. It would have also given the Beavs a very legitiment shot at finishing 6-5, which would have silenced a lot of the moronic comments that ensued after the 5-6 year. Most Humorus moment. Has to be the 1978 Beav game with UCLA. It was a bitterly cold day. Clear and in the twenties. We were actually on a bus on our way up to Portland to play Forest Grove in the State 4A playoffs. Weheard on the radio about the Bruins coming out onto the field during warmups, dressed as if they were playing in Siberia. Fertig had the Beav players come onto the field dressed as though they were playing in the warm climate of LA. Beavs were talking trash calling the Bruin players sissieswho couldn't take the cold. Donohue hearing all this, decided he wasn't going to let the Beavs out tough the Bruins, so when they went back into the locker room, he had all his players take off the turtle necks, and long johns and show the Beavs the Bruins could match the Beavs tolerance for the cold. Meantime in the the Beaver locker room, Fertig had the players change into the turtle necks and the cold weather gear they planned on wearing all along. You can imagine Donohue's amazement when both teams came back onto the field for the kickoff. By the way, Beavs won that won 15-13.

Do you prefer the old Benny or the new Benny?
New Benny. I like Benny with an attitude. Glad he got rid of Bernice. Nobody likes a domesticated Benny.

Reser or Parker?
I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Reser! Besides, Parker holds so many unpleasant memories for me.

Wishbone or Spread?

Orange pants or black pants?
Black baby!

A win in the Civil war or a bowl game?
Well a win in the Civil War is a big deal for me. I experienced the rivalry with the Ducks as a player, and a fan. Its a big deal to the players. But, I'll take a BCS bowl win anyday over a CW win. Its like winning the lottery getting both in one year, thats what makes 2000 such a special season for me.

Washington Huskies or Oregon Ducks?
I want to kick the crap out of both, but if I had to pick one, Duckies to be sure.

Mike Parker or Darrell Aune?
Darrell was the best. I too am sad that he didn't have better Beav teams to cover. That would have been something to listen too. I remember his passion and excitement when doing the play by play for the B-ballers. He was something. "Jumping up and down Martha!"

Who is your favorite all-time OSU player? Any sport.
Gary Payton.

List your top 3 Beaver football players.
Ken Simonton, Richard Siegler, Dave Schilling. Schilling because as a youngster, he came over to me while I was standing on the sidelines at the end of a game. He patted me on the head and gave me his elbow pad. I was tramatized when he passed way too soon.

List your top 3 Beaver basketball players.
Dwayne Allen, A.C. Green and Gary Payton.

Who are your favorite coaches? Any sport.
Dennis Erickson! Ralph Miller!

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