Beavs offer, touch base with sought DL/TE

DL/TE DA'JOHN HARRIS is already up to eight offers, including one from Oregon State, and placed a call to a Beaver coach last night to talk a little recruiting. The 6-foot-4, 250 pounder out of Gardena, Calif., wanted to make clear he's open to everyone and as far as frontrunners go, well, that's a little ways off from being determined as well.

Harris said he had a productive conversation with Nigel Burton late Thursday night. The Beavs are one of the few schools he's been able to talk to outside of California since college coaches are not allowed to initiate a phone call until the May evaluation period.

Oregon State and others are leaving it up to Harris whether he wants to man the defensive line or play tight end.

"I know Washington has told me I could play either/or," said the Junipero Serra High standout. "Nebraska told me I could play either/or, Oregon State said I could play either/or, Oregon said the same -- basically all of the schools said I could play either/or. I haven't really decided on (a position at the next level). It's hard to choose."

HAVING BURST ONTO the radars of many schools at the US Army National Combine, where he was named All-Combine first team TE, Harris is now up to eight offers with no sign of slowing down.

"That opened up a lot of doors for me," said Harris.

Besides Oregon State, Harris holds offers from Washington State, Arizona, Washington, UNLV, Ole Miss, Nebraska and Oregon. Notre Dame is also one he's interested in, as are the two local schools.

It's safe to say that although UCLA and USC haven't offered, they're definitely high up on his list. But Harris said it isn't necessarily accurate any longer to say he has any frontrunners.

"I don't really have a favorite," said Harris. "To tell you the truth, a lot of what they write about me, some people just write what they think. USC and UCLA would be my favorites if I just wanted to be part of the hype but when I go to college I want to be a true freshman starter. And I think if I go to USC or UCLA, with all the returnees they have, I might not be able to do that."

Harris said he doesn't anticipate an early decision, and wants to make an informed choice.

"I'm not going to eliminate any colleges because I don't have my mind set on just one," said Harris. "I want to be open to all the colleges, and I want to see what (all the coaches are) talking about."

HIS JUNIOR SEASON, Harris showed advanced blocking ability, with 13 catches for 145 yards in a run dominated offense. Defensively, he racked up 40 tackles with 6.5 sacks out on the edge, earning all-league honors.

There are over seven minutes of sophomore and junior highlights on Harris's player page.

Da'John Harris profile and video

Northwest Connection:
In addition to an "exciting" conversation with Burton, Harris said Washington State "has a good program, while Harris's godfather, Joe Kelly, played for the Huskies.

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