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Meet OsuFan4Life. He prefers Parker, black pants, and the wishbone...yes, the wishbone... Username: osufan4life

How did you become a Beaver fan?
I was raised a Beaver fan. My dad has been a Beaver fan since the early 60's and it rubbed off on me. I have been wearing orange and black all my life, but I didn't actually become a Beaver fan until I was about 8 (1992, Pettibone's second year). I went to every home game that year and haven't missed one since.

How long have you been a Beaver fan?
Since 1992.

Did you attend OSU? If so, what years?
I haven't yet, but there's still time. My cousins currently go to OSU and are friends with Adam Rothenfluh. I'm friends with Rob Yarber with his dad obviously being Eric Yarber (I realize that wasn't part of the question, but I'm just trying to tell a little bit more about myself).

What is your favorite memory as a Beaver fan?
Probably the 1998 Civil War. That was the most exciting football game I've ever seen, and I think that is where all the Beavers' recent success really started. It's always fun to beat the Ducks, but even better when they come in as heavy favorites.

What is your least favorite/most humorous moment as a Beaver fan?
I think it's actually a toss up between the Fresno State game last year and the Oregon game last year. I came in with high expectations and to lose by 20 the first game of the season was depressing. I hate the fact that the Ducks had the season they had last year and the fact that we almost beat them, but couldn't get it done, might haunt me for the rest of my life.
Unless, of course, the Beavers win the national championship in my lifetime.

Do you prefer the old Benny or the new Benny?
I like the new one just because it arrived at about the same time the Beavers started having some success. To me, the old Benny kind of represents 28 years of losing seasons.

Reser or Parker?
Parker. Every time we drove by Parker, my dad would say, "There's Parker Stadium, home of the Pac-10 champion Oregon State Beavers". I just wish that would have happened.

Wishbone or Spread?
I have actually always thought that the Wishbone was more fun to watch, but only when it was run well. The Beavers were 4-7 and competing well with every team they played the last two years they ran the Wishbone offense. I honestly think Pettibone could have led the Beavers to a bowl game in the next couple years if he wasn't pressured into throwing the ball. The Spread, however, came with Dennis Erickson and everything he brings is positive and fun to watch.

Orange pants or black pants?
Real men wear black. Plus, the orange pants have been bad luck.

A win in the Civil war or a bowl game?
Obviously, I'd like to have both, but I'd take a Civil War win over a bowl game anyday. Anyone who would rather have a bowl game must not personally know any Duck fans. Duck fans are so arrogant, no matter what happens, they are better than you.

Washington Huskies or Oregon Ducks?
The Huskies don't bother me that much, I definitely hate them less than I hate the Ducks.

Mike Parker or Darrell Aune?
I loved listening to Darrell Aune. Holy jumpin up and down Martha!! I really don't like Mike Parker at all. He seems to get more excited when the opposing team does something great.

Who is your favorite all-time OSU player? Any sport.
Tim Alexander, though I wish he would have had a couple more years at reciever.

List your top 3 Beaver football players.
Ken Simonton, Tim Alexander, Chad Johnson.

List your top 3 Beaver basketball players.
Gary Payton, Brent Barry, Phillip Ricci. My dad has told me about all the great players in the early 80's, but without actually seing any of them, I don't think it would be fair for me to list them.

Who are your favorite coaches? Any sport.
Dennis Erickson for football. I have high expectations for Jay John and I think he will become a favorite very soon, though I wish I could have seen some Ralph Miller coached teams.

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