Idaho lineman feeling the OSU connection

CARSON YORK MADE another trip to the Beaver state this past weekend, and although he had been to OSU before, this trip went a long way with 6-5, 270-pound offensive lineman out of Coeur d'Alene. "I've always kind of thought out of all the places I've gone to, they made the best effort to make me feel like they want me to come there," said York. Today, another offer may be proffered by a Big 12 school to go along with the six he already holds.

York said he spent plenty of quality time with OSU staff while in Corvallis this past weekend.

"I talked to everybody -- coach Read, coach Riley, coach Cavanaugh," said York. "(Cavanaugh) is an awesome guy. I was talking to the players about how much they respect him and how they feel like he's taken them, as collegians, to a new level. I feel like he's a guy who could really help me become a better player."

York also tripped to Oregon again over the weekend.

"At Oregon, I got to look around again and meet with some people from the Education department," said York. "I talked with the players and kind of did the whole (unofficial) visit thing again but the difference this time was getting to see spring practice and seeing the coaches work.

"I saw the scrimmage at Oregon and that was cool. And then I got to see a practice at Oregon State. I liked watching coach Cav work, how the team functions together and how the coaches coach. That was good to see what it will be like if I go there."

YORK'S TIME AT OSU was also spent getting the answers to some academic questions.

"This time, I got to meet with some of the guys from the Business department -- that was good," he said.

York is an exceptional student, with a 3.92 GPA in a curriculum that includes AP classes, His PSAT score ranked in the nation's top 12 percentile.

Last but not least, York also found the culinary delights at OSU to his liking.

"I paid to eat at the training table," said York, laughing. "I got to eat and talk with more of the players this time and get a little better feel for what goes on down there. The cook there was amazing. I'm going to be huge if I go there."

DESPITE THE GLOWING comments towards OSU, York said a decision is getting tougher rather easier.

"Every day it gets a little more confusing," said York. "Every trip I go on, it becomes a lot more confusing."

York has six offers; Oregon State, Washington State, Stanford, Oregon, Washington and Idaho. That total could grow by one as soon as today.

COLORADO COULD BE the next team to climb on board, with Northwestern not far behind.

"All the coaches from Colorado are out recruiting but they all come back to the office (Wednesday) and they've set up a conference call with me and all the coaches so we'll have to see what happens tomorrow," said York.

Northwestern also contacted York's coach Tuesday. The Wildcats watched York's clips online and were impressed.

"They said they really liked what they saw but want to see the full tape and are trying to find it around their office," said York. "They said there's a good chance something may happen when they get to see that whole tape."

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