Believer Tim Reaches 'Little Daddy Orange' Status

Believer Tim has become the first person to go over the 500 posts mark on and has earned the first "Little Daddy Orange" award. The award has nothing to do with cash or prestige, but Believer Tim does get the "Little Daddy Orange" tag beneath his screen name whenever he posts. was able to obtain quotes from many sources concerning Tim's groundbreaking achievement:

From a fellow OSU Beaver Believer, "I love Tim and I love his posts. Hopefully, I can become a "Little Daddy Orange". Hopefully, I can teach Tim about commas."

From Webmaster Dan, "I knew Tim would be the first. He is the first with quality and the first with quantity."

From Mrs. Believer Tim, "When I think of Tim, I think of quality and quantity."

From Believer Tim Jr., "I am so proud of my Dad. He has taught me that it is much more important to sit in front of a computer typing up 500-plus posts than mowing the lawn or fixing the leaky faucet in the bathroom. I love my Pop, he has truly taken the pressure off of me when it comes to getting my homework done."

From a plethora of Duck fans, "Tim is a quality guy. We are proud to help him drive up his posting numbers by being the recipients of so many of his flames. Thanks Tim!"

From the OSU Sports Information Department, "Someone had to be first, I'm glad it was Tim and I'm glad most of his posts didn't have much to do with giving away team secrets during Spring Practice."

Dennis Erickson, "Tim who?"

The entire staff would like to congratulate Tim and we fervently hope that his tribe will increase.

Number of posts          Title    
---------------          ----------------
   1            Valued Visitor
 100            Regular
 250            Believer!
 500                     Little Daddy Orange
1000            is My Life

Should we add more titles? What should they be? At what number of posts? Contact Dan with your suggestions.

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