Fall Camp - Aug. 8

A collection of news and notes from day 5 of fall camp at Oregon State.

Aug. 8

Short recap - WR Marcel Love and Anthony Crosby are suspended indefinitely for violating team rules. QB Matt Moore returns to practice, but his participation is limited as it still hurts to bend over. DE Jeff Van Orsow also returned.

Coach Riley let his players start hitting in their first day of full pads and a number of defensive players, including Al Afalava, Dennis Christopher and Coye Francies had big hits.

“It was fun to get started,” Riley said. “These guys are so anxious to tackle and finish plays. It’s the first time I had a scrimmage like that on the first day. I feel like our group is far enough along that we can get something going. The more you do that, you get used to playing. I think it was a good thing.”

TE Dan Weis suffered a concussion while DT Naymon Frank hurt both of his knees.


Fall essentials.

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