Fall Camp - Aug. 11

A collection of news and notes from day 8 of fall camp at Oregon State.

Aug. 11

Short recap - QB Matt Moore looked the best he has in days as he moved and threw well.  WR Ruben Jackson turned in one of his best performances of August.

The defense is starting to jell as Jeff Van Orsow and the secondary made some key interceptions.

Heading into the weekend here are the injured players.

  • CB Tim Clark hurt his hamstring and was on crutches
  • DT Nayman Frank hyperextended his knee and is on crutches
  • OG Zach Harris suffered a concussion
  • DT Nicholas Pappa hurt his ankle and is on crutches
  • LB Eddie Stamm returned breifly before tweaking his knee again
  • RB Dan Weis suffered a concussion


Falll essentials.

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