Fall Camp - Aug. 17

A collection of news and notes from day 13 of fall camp at Oregon State...injuries start to pile up as CB Brandon Hughes and LB Derrick Doggett hit each other hard and miss most of the practice. LB Alan Darlin suffers a stinger. DT Ben Siegert returns.

Aug. 17

Short recap - LB Derrick Doggett and CB Brandon Hughes sat a good portion of Thursday's practice after hitting each other in a nasty collision.  Hughes also injured his knee in the accident. It is unknown how long each will miss although each will probably miss at least a day or two.

LB Alan Darlin tweaked his shoulder but isn't expected to miss any practices.  DT Ben Siegert returned after missing Wednesday's drills.

WR Ruben Jackson continues to be held out of practice as his academic situation is soon to be known, but he is on the sidelines studying the playbook.


Falll essentials.

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