The Wiseguy Weekly - Opening Deposit

Well, it's that time of year again. What time is it? Game time! Who are we? The Beavers! What do we do? Gamble! Uhhhhh, I mean Bleeda does.

College football season starts next Thursday August 31 and the Oregon State Beavers open at home vs. the Eastern Washington Eagles. Beaver Nation is twitching for the season to start and others like BeavaBleeda are itching to make their opening deposit with their online sportsbook and start gaming.

This year I'll start with a $10,000 opening deposit and as the season goes on I will track the progress of my bankroll. I will post my record each week along with my picks and write-ups. For all you know that opening deposit is more or less, but that's not for you to know.

Most picks will be based on the spread, but from time to time I will throw in a straight up moneyline play, or a parlay. For sports betting lingo you will have to refer to last year's inaugural article: The Wiseguy Weekly - Wiseguy 101.

A new feature this year will be the weekly guest pick and I'll keep an ongoing tally on the "GP" pick. TheToe, SDBeaver, and BeaverBobe are a few that will be featured. If you are interested in contributing make sure to drop me an email at

I might even include an occasional fun and entertaining proposition bet or more properly called the, "I've got gambling problems" bet in the Wiseguy Weekly. A few examples of props you can bet on are who wins the coin toss, who scores first, or if the quarterback will throw more touchdowns than interceptions in a game. If you catch yourself playing the propositions regularly you've got issues. Most of them are sucker plays. I recommend just following one conference such as our own Pac-10 and playing single games based on the point spread.

The better you feel about the game, the more dimes you play. A couple years ago I realized I was all over the board betting on women's World Cup soccer, hockey, and even golf and NASCAR just for the sake of action. Bad news my Beaver buddies! Let's just say I lost a few bucks that year. Keep it simple, stick to what you know and then lock and load.

When you hit the big $$$$ this year tell your family you are using your money management skills and doing well in some high risk investments. Make sure to pocket some of the extra cash, take your spouse or significant other out for a nice dinner, stash some winnings in an emergency reload account, and keep enough in your cigar box for boys night out and that poker game you play once a month in Scottie's basement.

Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it!

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