OA's Keys to the Eastern Washington Game

Sweet and merciful Allah, you have heard my prayers. Football season is finally here, and the Beavs kick it off with a visit from the Ryan Cole and the Eastern Washington Eagles. A quick look at what OSU will need to do to ensure a "W" is marked down in the win-loss column this evening:

1 – Take care of the ball.
The slate is clean for senior quarterback Matt Moore, and the season will start off on a good foot if he can walk out of the stadium with a nice fat goose egg in the INT and fumble columns. Coach will likely be keeping things vanilla and giving Boise as little film as possible to work with, so Matt just has to do what he is asked and not worry about jacking the score up.

2 – No special teams miscues.
The Beavs are breaking in a new punter with true freshman Kyle Loomis, and you can bet that EWU is going to be bringing the house every time he sets foot on the field. A blocked kick returned for a TD could swing the momentum in the wrong direction in a hurry and put the Eagles in the game.

3 – Get to the quarterback.
You can bet that OSU is going to be keeping not only the offense vanilla, but also the defense—blitzing should be kept to a bare minimum. Given that Eastern Washington loves the bootleg-misdirection stuff, it should be a good primer on how to stay home and make sure Peerboom and Nichols don't get loose for extra yards before facing Jared Zabransky. The DL needs to make sure EWU's signal callers don't have time for a shower and a shave.

And today's fun, random stat of the week comes courtesy of Dave86:

Div 1-AA Montana and Eastern Washington: the six year cycle...

In 1990, Division 1-AA school Montana showed up in Corvallis for the first game of the season and beat the Beavers 22-15. At the end of the season, head coach Dave Kragthorpe was gone.

Six years later, Montana returned for the first game of the season, and beat the Beavers again 35-14. At the end of the season, head coach Jerry Pettibone was gone.

In 2000, Division 1-AA school Eastern Washington showed up in Corvallis for the first game of the season, and the Beavers won 21-19. At the end of the season, the Beavers were in a BCS Bowl game.

Six years later, Eastern Washington returned for the first game of the season, and...

I like the way you're thinking, Dave.


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