The team was ready, were we?

The big question before Thursday's game was, "Will the Beavers be ready?" I think that question has been answered. I am sure that anyone who frequents has read all of the stats, game recaps, etc. about the Beaver's win. The Beavers showed that they were ready. Were we, the Reser fans ready?

Stadium attendance readiness: Attendance was listed at 38,071, not bad considering a less than marquee opponent on a week night. Most of the sections in Reser were full, the prize for most-empty section goes to section 227. I counted 27 people in good old 227.

Student section readiness: The student section was remarkably full considering classes hadn't started yet and they were loud and rowdy. An impressive start, they were ready.

Finding your new seat readiness: Things were a little shaky here. It seemed like every fifth group that came in was comparing tickets. "I think you're in my seat." "No, I checked my ticket." "Perhaps you should check again." "Perhaps you should recheck your ticket." "Perhaps you should shut up."

Readiness to admit Kate knows at least half of Corvallis: Kate's streak of knowing someone sitting next to us no matter where we sit is intact.

Getting used to your new section teammates readiness: It is always interesting to meet the people around you during the first home game of each year. It appears that our section has a pretty good group. Everyone was into the game and no one asked me to sit down.

Cheerleader readiness: It was a tough off-season for the OSU cheerleaders, there were budget issues, less-dangerous acrobatic stunt issues, and, apparently, pom-pom issues. The cheerleaders were carrying, in lieu of regular pom-poms, mini-pom-poms that looked like ear muffs, or hair scrunchies, or fingerless mittens, or snow cones that wouldn't melt.

Was it budget cuts, did the cheerleaders send in the long part of their pom-poms to cheerleaders in New Orleans as part of a Katrina relief effort? Is this the start of a trend? Will the guy cheerleaders show up next week yelling through Dixie Cups instead of Megaphones? We'll keep you posted.

Readiness to stick around even though the game is out of hand and you can beat the traffic out of Corvallis: The fans were ready here. There were an incredible number of fans who stayed right up to the end. This is impressive considering the score and the fact that the game was played on a Thursday night. Kudos to all of the players who came over to the sidelines and signed autographs after the game.

Orange readiness, aka THE ORANGE FACTOR: My unofficial, unscientific, observation had every 7 out of 10 people wearing orange. Come on people, we can do better! The players, the visiting teams, the television cameras, recruits, the other sides of the stadium need to see nothing but orange. Here is a top-ten list of why you should wear orange:

10. Wearing orange makes it safer to cross the street before and after games.

9. Trent Bray was at the game and he was wearing orange.

8. Would it kill you to wear orange to the game? No.

7. Wearing orange will keep you from getting shot at by any elk hunters or vice-presidents.

6. It just sounds better when the Mike Parker tells his radio audience that there is a sea of orange instead of, "There is a sea of orange, and some black, patches of white, and an occasional idiot in purple."

5. That black football jersey will look great any other day of the week. Orange looks better on Saturdays, or sometimes Thursdays, or the Friday after Thanksgiving this year.

4. More people wearing orange shows unity, spirit, and tradition (think the Fiesta Bowl full of orange-clad Beaver fans).

3. Wear orange, it's the only thing that goes with your orange pants anyway.

2. It's a scientific fact, proven by countless studies, orange makes your butt look smaller.

1. The number one reason for wearing orange…it's not green and gold.

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