OA's Keys to the BSU Game

Alright everybody, lets gather round and take up hands, it's time for a prayer.

Dear 8 pounds 5 ounce Baby Jesus, this week we are playing Boise State, and the Beavers really need a win. A road win against a quality opponent would do a lot to get this season kicked off in the right direction, and Baby Jesus, you know that we Beaver fans are still taking a lot of guff from the Broncos over the fumble (thank you for that Lord) and over the beating we took in Boise when Bill Swancutt played the game towing an IV around the field after the LSU heartbreaker.

Sweet Baby Jesus, if you can see your way to helping our Beavers get this win, I promise to name my two first born "Walker" and "Texas Ranger".

Oh, and thank you Baby Jesus for my smoking hot wife.

And now on to the keys to the game:

1 - Keep Zabransky planted into the turf.

When "Z" gets pressured, he isn't just less effective, he's totally ineffective, and the Broncos offense disintegrates. Zabransky is at his best when he has time to throw and is able to improvise when the play breaks down. Keep him looking out of his ear-hole and keep his feet happy.

2 - Keep Boise's offense on the sidelines.
Boise prides themselves and views themselves as being physical, and the Beavers need to come right out and set the tone in the trenches. The more time Boise's smaller defense spends on the field, the more the chances of an Oregon State win rise.

3 - Keep Quinton Jones from going yard.
The speedy Jones is one of the most prolific PR/KR's in the country and the Beavers will need to keep him in check - even if that means kicking the ball out of bounds to keep it out of his hands completely.

Reviewing last week's keys:

Take care of the ball. Not only did the Beavs take care of the ball, they hawked it on defense. If that's the tone for the season, I will take it. No interceptions for Matt Moore is a very good start to the season.

No special teams miscues. EWU returned one to the house in garbage time, but Beaver fans let out a collective "uh oh". In warm-ups Loomis looked like All-Conference material, but live rushes tend to make those perfect booming kicks a little tougher to acheive, and the breeze can make a punter feel like he is kicking a beach ball one direction and a superball in the other. Enough excuses... this week has to improve.

Get to the quarterback. The Beavs passed this one with flying colors.. with only a handful of blitzes and nothing fancy, the black shirts were in the EWU backfield all day long. Joe Lemma especially deserves a tongue for his second effort pursuit when EWU's QB's escaped the pocket. In stark comparison to the season opener against PSU last year, the pressure was there all day and the line recorded 3 sacks and the backers recorded 2.


Today's stat of the week: During week one the Beavers defensive line recorded 3 sacks, 2 by the defensive ends. That's a good chunk towards eclipsing last season's tally of 14.5 sacks by the defensive line... and the 2 sacks by the defensive ends last week is already half of the total from 2005.

Glad to have you, Coach Joe.


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