"Alright fellas grab a knee..."

Gentleman tonight is a "test": a test of your will, a test of your ability to execute, and a test of what we as a TEAM are all about. I don't need to remind you how they view you or what the history between us is. For Boise State this is a statement game; a game they not only believe they can win, but a game they EXPECT TO WIN!

For me that's the essence of true competition and competition you should seek out. As athletes we should look forward to competition that tests your physical talents and your mental ability to adapt and overcome.

It's these moments where true competitors, warriors, and champions find ways to win and they leave no question behind as to who was better when it's all said and done.

Each of you has the capability to set the standard for this program tonight and for years to come. Because of that this becomes a statement game for US as well. Our statement should be simple: WE ARE THE BETTER TEAM, PROGRAM, and WE CAN ADAPT and OVERCOME!

Many of you have been here before: hostile environment, the underdog, and left with more questions than anwers. We have at times as a TEAM been able to answer the bell and in some cases move our program forward. Our only problem has been consistency in maintaining that effort.

Tonight I'm asking that you draw upon those experiences and put forth an effort that shows your growth and maturity as athletes in this system. I'm asking you to use your experiences both negative and positive to drive you towards excellence!

In order to overcome and compete at the highest level tonight, your experience will have to shine, your maturity will have to show, and you'll have to demonstrate your will to WIN on each and every play. Tonight the game plan is simple: EXECUTION!

I have no doubt if WE EXECUTE OUR game plan, victory will be ours. So I am asking you to to impose your will on them early and often. I want you to play every down with the mindset of taking away their heart and play with the will to win, not the concern of losing.

There is no question we have the athletes to win. And I have no doubt as a TEAM you are capable of making a statement. That statement should be: Oregon State Football is BACK and on the RISE! Tonights game is an excellent opportunity to show your maturity and growth, as well as gain respect on a national level!

So gentleman I challenge to the following: I challenge you to execute not only your individual assignments, but to execute OUR game plan on each and every play. From whistle to whistle! I challenge you to maintain a HIGH ENERGY LEVEL, a sustained EFFORT, and I challenge you to play at the HIGHEST LEVEL!

When we finish this game, they will have a new found respect for PAC 10 football and the OREGON STATE BEAVERS!

Tonight no one player will win or lose this game. This game IS dependent on a complete effort on both sides of the ball, on special teams, in the trenches, in coverage, and from whistle to whistle. Your rested and you've had this date circled. It's time to go out there and leave nothing behind.

So play with reckless abandon, pick your teammates up, challenge each other to excell, SMACK THEM IN THE MOUTH, and play to WIN on each and every down. Beat them mentally and physically from the first kick to the final whistle. Play every down as if the game depends on it! And at the end of 60 minutes your efforts will be well worth it!

Gentleman EXPECT TO WIN: every down, every situation, and EXECUTE OREGON STATE FOOTBALL as flawlessly as possible.

All right gentleman....gather around: Oregon State Football and Leave no doubt on three!


Sarg can be reached at sarg@beaverfootball.com.

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