Beavs go one-on-one with sought DE

WILLIAM YANCY, but one game into his senior season at Ironwood High in Glendale, Ariz., is already putting up numbers befitting a sought prep prospect with a dozen offers, one of which is from the Beavs. The 6-5, 240-pound defensive end has Oregon State amongst his leaders and has established a solid relationship with the OSU coaching staff.

Yancy racked up three sacks, eight tackles, a forced fumble and fumble recovery last week in Ironwood's opener. He's also earning plenty of early recognition but his focus remains on improvement.

"Just recently I was named an All-American by U.S. Army and I was nominated to play in the U.S. Army All-American game -- and I just want to keep playing and getting better," said Yancy.

Yancy said distance is not much of a factor but both Arizona schools, particularly ASU, are in a good position because of his familiarity with both programs. Purdue also made inroads this summer.

"ASU, maybe because I live out here and my brother went there (Quincy Yancy, 96-00) and I've known the school for many years but I feel a very good connection with the coaches there," he said. "And also with the coaches at the U of A. When I went to Purdue on an unofficial visit over the summer, they made me feel like I was at home. All the coaches that I've met or talked to, UTEP and Oregon State too, both schools, both coaches made me feel comfortable -- Mike Price is an awesome coach."

Coach Mike Cavanaugh is running point for OSU on Yancy.

"I'm always in contact with him, (talking about) how everything is going, how's life, how's family," said Yancy. "It's a good one-on-one relationship."

YANCY PLANS ON official visits to ASU on Sept. 20, and to Purdue sometime in October. Yancy said Oregon State could be in line for one of his three remaining trips but they have yet to be determined.

"I'm note sure yet, there's also some other colleges (UCLA, Miami, USC, Illinois) I'm waiting on to see if they offer," said Yancy. "It's up there in the Northwest and I have family that's always traveling up there. They're always talking about Oregon State."

COLLEGE COACHES WERE LINED up one after the other to talk to Yancy on the phone beginning Sept. 1, including Oregon State, ASU, Fresno State, Arizona and Oregon.

The Beavs figure into Yancy's top five, a list that is subject to change and one where nobody is out of the running at this point.

"A top five would be UCLA, USC, Miami, ASU and then Purdue, Oregon State and Nebraska are all in the same area -- I really can't say I'd take more than the other because they're pretty even," said Yancy.

Quick and athletic and with a non-stop motor, Yancy logged 66 tackles and 11 sacks as a junior. Yancy has achieved a qualifying score on the SAT and is actually only two classes short of graduating from high school. His plan is to take extra credits at Ironwood to better prepare him for college.

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