The Wiseguy Weekly - Breaking Rule #1

Greetings Beaver Nation! Last week Bleeda went 1-1 and his bankroll now stands at $9990. Down 10 bucks in "milk money" aka juice. I apologize for my sloppy pick of UL Lafayette last week. I basically took the biggest dog on the board and gave too much credit to the Ragin' Cajuns' mascot.

I couldn't resist. Isn't it fun to say? Say it with me, Ragin' Cajuns. Anyhow, Bleeda now pledges to concentrate on the PAC and the WAC and Bleeda's going to break rule number one this week, "Never bet with emotion or bet on your team."


OSU +8 @ Boise St. I'm going to rationalize this by telling you that 10% of my bankroll is juice I rake in from the affiliate gangs at various Grandmas' venues. This is just gravy money, why not make it extra thick and double it this week? Broncos meet Yvenson Bernard, end zone meet my friend Bernard. Touchdown Beavers! Touchdown Beavers! Touchdown Beavers!

We are the underdog in this game? Ooooooooooookay. We are talking WAC vs. the PAC and after Bleeda finishes his ½ rack of cold sodas he will be doing the electric slide to the cashier window. Better yet, the sidewinder. Think centipede. 2004 was an aberration. We were up 14-0 and then Derek Anderson went interception happy. Smurf turf won't be an issue this year. The smog from all the fires near Boise will make visibility an issue, hence blue will look grey. Yeah!!  This Resident Wiseguy is throwing down $1100 on Beavers +8 to win a buck ($1000).

Idaho +17 @ Washington State
. $2200 to win two bucks. I'm salivating at the mouth and I also have a man crush on Dennis Erickson. The Vandals always play cross-border foe WAZZU tough. It's not even really a road game since it's just down the street about ten miles. The Cougars have regressed the last three years under coach Doba  sliding down to 4-7 last year. They will continue that waterslide ride to only three wins this year.

Cougs were a 29 point favorite in this game in 2005 and only won by 12. Latest injury report has a few of the Pullman boys bruised up also. Vandals had a respectable performance on the road last week at Michigan State and only lost by ten. WSU was vandalized by Auburn; this week looks to be a let down game for them as they come back home to play a familiar foe. Big unit play on Idaho! Get paid!


Stanford @ San Jose State +9.5. Cross-town rivals face off in a game that handicappers are putting too much emphasis on the Spartans of past. Coach Tomey almost led SJSU to a victory up at UW last week and being a dog by more than a touchdown at home is great value, especially in a game with bad blood. Most of you wiseguys out there would probably agree after seeing Stanford play last week, you can make a strong argument they are the bottom of the barrel in the Pac10 this year. Going to make it three west coast dogs this week. $330 to win $300. Bark! Bark! Ruff! Ruff!

Beaver Believer aka BeavaBleeda, with some Beaver Fever! I never said I wasn't biased or a homer. ;-)

Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it!


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