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Yours truly, BeavaBleeda stunk it up last week losing $3000 of his bankroll and dropping to 2-3 on the year. Betting on emotion and betting on your own team is obviously a bad idea. Bleeda knew he was breaking a cardinal rule but he was just proving a point and educating.

The wad of cash is now down to $6990, but that does not have the RWG nervous since there are games galore jumping off the board this week.   It is also conveniently a Beaver bye week.  That means plenty of time to watch some great college football games this weekend which include LSU at Auburn, Michigan at Notre Dame, Miami at Louisville, Oklahoma at the Zeros, and Nebraska at USC. You could also get those odd jobs done around the house, but that would leave no time to enjoy all these games and continue to stockpile information on these teams, so screw the odd jobs.

Mr. and Mrs BeavaBleeda are heading to the Oregon coast this weekend with the two girls. But don't think that will stop us from watching college football Saturday. My girls love football. Hell, I might even make an appearance at the Chinook Winds Casino later that night if I can sneak out so I can break those weak dealers and bring home some extra play money. Or maybe I'll play a little $1/$3 hold'em. Those locals are so damn tight I could play on $30 for three hours with bad cards. Anyway, this degenerate gambler digresses.

This week The Wiseguy Weekly is bringing in guest handicapper, prognosticator, and part-time wiseguy BeaverBobe. Bobe will be put to the test and will be sharing three of his picks this week. If he fails to pick 2/3 or 3/3 he will be sent packing by Bleeda to Fresno to manage the Grandma's chapter at Terrible Terry's Tavern. This is an account that no wiseguy wants to touch with a ten foot pole. Terry makes a mean breakfast, but the clan he hangs out with loses the operation thousands of $$$$ every year and the knuckleheads down there are a bunch of loose screwdrivers. Here we go with Bobe's analysis and picks.

"Rutgers ain't the whipping boys they used to boy......'deez boys be for real...." BeaverBobe likes the Scarlet Knights -16 @home over Ohio.

"Wazzu is looking for respect and these TexASS Branch Davidian Baylor Bear fools don't know what they got coming...I pick the Cougs to win at home by 17, covering the -13.5....take it to the house...send 'dose Texass fundamentalists packin! Alex Brink will be pounding pints of Fish Tail ale at The Coug by halftime...." Bobe told me he even thought about flying in for the game, but too much cabbage on the game down south in the toilet. Which would be game #3 for him...

"And, sad to say, just to prove I don't always bet with my heart, I predict the Porn Star's team of thugs to upend Boomer Sooners in Auschwitz by 10 points, thereby covering -4.5 and ruining Bobe's day once again...hope I'm wrong, but then again a couple extra c-notes in the pocket helps ease the pain..."

I must say that BeaverBobe did some homework this week. Great picks! Now how 'bout winning some more cold cash? I'm throwing down $1100 on three games this week so if you want to roll like da Bleeda, listen up!

Missouri -13.5 @ New Mexico. The Tigers are still running under the radar and are very undervalued. The Mizzou kids will lay down a beating on the Lobos by at least three touchdowns. We are talking about a New Mexico team that lost to Portland State in week one. Enough said!

San Diego State +14.5 @ Wisconsin. The stinking Badgers play in the overrated Big10 conference that is hyped by the machine called ESPN. The Aztecs are in the underrated Mountain West, which gets no respect and is subject to east coast bias. SDSU is 4-0 ATS in it's last four vs. the Big10 and 10-2 ATS in last 12 games as road underdog of 10.5 points or greater. Getting two touchdowns and a hook is a lot when you are talking about two sub-par teams on similar levels. Ride the wave back to Diego with more cold cash in the briefcase.

Iowa State +13.5 @ Iowa. Rivalry game and way too many points to give a Cyclones team that always plays Iowa tough. My wiseguy in Des Moines "Tin Dust" once again hooked me up with some inside information. I cannot go into details to protect his identity, but I can tell you that the Clones won last year straight up and also were a huge dog. If you read The Wiseguy Weekly last year you remember and you got paid. If you are feeling frisky see if you can find some moneyline odds and get 4-1 or 5-1. Or play it safe and just cover the number. Hawkeyes in a sandwich game here and it's got trouble written all over it for them.

I hate to get cocky but this week big board looks too easy. Bleeda and Bobe could be "candy stealers" this weekend and it's not even Halloween yet. BeavaBleeda plans on going 3-0 at least. BeaverBobe is still honing his skills with this stuff and has never gone on the record in print with his picks, so it will be interesting to see how he fares. And by the way, he reports that the new Grandma's chapter in Southwest P-Town is officially up and running on all cylinders. They have moved into a new bigger basement and just recently recruited some big "old money" hotshot players from the West Hills.

Beaver Believer, oops I mean BeavaBleeda signing off.

Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it!


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