Big Daddy Orange's 2006 Home Game #2 Report

The weather was perfect, the tailgating was fun, and the Beavers came back with a win after a crushing defeat. It was a good day. Many people, well at least 20,010, were moved to honor us with eyewitness, game day, quotes. Here they are:

“It was one of those perfect Oregon October days which occur more frequently in memory than in life. “ Johnny Russ


“The day was perfect for tailgating; many Beaver fans arrived early and enjoyed food, drink, and some impromptu football games of their own. For those of you who don’t usually go to Beaver home games, tailgating is half of the fun. You eat, drink, and try not to think about the possibility of botulism from meat left on the cooled-off barbecue a little too long.

"Flies and ants die from happiness; dogs learn what Doritos taste like. You throw Frisbees or footballs, or a fit when someone’s errant toss knocks your beer over. You talk about last week’s game, and this week’s game, and you catch up on current life events with people you haven’t seen for a week or a while. Tailgating can take place before the game or after the game or both. You probably overeat but, what the heck; it’s only six or seven times a year. Tailgating, it’s not just a pre-game meal, it’s an adventure.” Big Daddy Orange


Student section, once again in fine loud rowdy form:
“PAC-10 referees have always been blind; it's our job to make them deaf.” Matt’s little sister


Cheerleader pom-pom update (see last home game’s article):
Me: “Hey cheerleader, what’s the deal with the mini-pom pom’s?”

“I'm not a cheerleader. I'm an athletic supporter.” The cheerleader who fell off the top of the pyramid in the 3rd quarter


Orange Factor:
The amount of orange in the stands was not as good as the Eastern Washington game. There was even confusion in our own tailgating crowd.

Me: “Gray shirts, black shirts, white shirts, I thought you guys said you were Beaver fans.”

Matt’s little sister and friends: “We didn’t know what to wear.”

“When in doubt, wear orange.” Web Master Dan


Ambivalent feelings about the game:
"It was a victory, but a victory over a team that the Beavers were supposed to beat, kind of like Eastern Washington Part Two. And it was only a victory over a team from Idaho.” Glass is half-empty guy

“It was a heck of a lot better outcome than the last Beaver game against a team from Idaho.” Glass is half-full guy

“Wouldn’t it be swell if the Beavers’ offense could convince themselves that every drive was the first drive of the game?” Matt’s little sister’s friend

“I thought that Brandon Hughes looked really good today.” Someone paying attention

“I thought that Kyle Loomis looked really good today.” Someone else paying attention

“Okay, that’s over but we didn’t learn anything that we didn’t already know about the Beavers. Cal comes to Corvallis next Saturday; that’s when we will see just how good the Beavers really are.” Approximately every other person at Reser stadium on Saturday

“See you next week at Reser.” Big Daddy Orange


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