The Wiseguy Weekly - Time for a sub

It's great to be back in the beautiful northwest after a week long of banishment to Fresno as a result of my inglorious gaming defeat at the hands of the dreaded BeavaBleeda two Saturdays ago. As a result, Grandma, that miserable little crone, sent me down to oversee the goings on at Terrible Terry's place off the old highway 99 there as penance.

It's always an adventure spending time in old town Fresno with Terry and his gang of misfits.  We got in quite a row over the Beaver game when Terry's ex-con brother Larry, an unabashed Fresno State fan, had the nerve to say our 38-0 win over Idaho would hurt our program more then it helped...go figure. Only a Bulldog fan might say that, right? Anyhow, I digress.  Bleeda asked me to 'sit in' to write the Wise Guy Weekly article today, so here's my chance at redemption.

As I scanned the spreads, it became apparent why Bleeda dumped this one on me - it's a tough week for gaming! Look at these spreads: 12 points here, 17 points there, 23.5 here, 17 there! There are an inordinate amount of high point spreads (an average of over 10 points if you care to do the math), which in this player's humble opinion, means a generally dangerous week for betting.

A sensible gamer might stash those c-notes away until next week when more favorable opportunities to rake it in emerge - perhaps lay low in the weeds, and replace the Benjies with nickels on the table. But just like CHiPs wasn't the same unless Poncherello was hittin' on chicks while nerdy Harlen was fixing motorcyles, the true players step up to the plate and create opportunity where seemingly there was none. So, here it goes...

Three games jump out at me this week. Let's start with Rutgers. I know, I know, this team makes OSU football tradition look like that of $C's. But I'm telling you now, these guys are for real. I've not lost on them yet this season. My only question is how many c-notes do I lay on the line. They play Friday at South Florida, and are favored by a measly four points against an outmatched South Florida team that struggled mightily in an inept loss to Kansas last weekend. Rutgers is a bonafide top twenty team still flying under the radar looking to make a run, and they will beat South Florida handily to pad both of our wallets...consider this pick my weekly 'free money' pick.

My second gift to you, as much as it pains me to say it, is our hated arch rival, the University of Nike, er Oregon over that overrated team out of Tempe, the ASU Sun Devils. Call it the Cheap Shot Bowl. These two teams are dirtier than Bleeda's dogs. No, the porn star won't even need to rely on old high school friendships with the referees to 'help out' with calls here.  I predict the Ducks to win this one, not in a blow out, but more than 1.5 points. A better line might be on the over/under for players taken out due to helmet to helmet contact.

And lastly, many of you might not be aware, but San Jose State, those mighty Spartans and pride of the Silicon Valley, have been quietly building themselves up into a program of some respectability. Dick Tomey, the man behind the Desert Swarm defense at Arizona when I was in college (yikes, that was a while ago now) has parlayed his talents into the previously obscure program at San Jose State.

Until recently they were better known for being a WAC whipping boy,  but they've already got a win over one Pac-10 team, and should have beaten another (Washington). Taking this into account, I'm going to lay my reputation on the line here and predict they easily handle San Diego State at home this week. Right now they are 2.5 point dawgs.  I'm telling you now, this one is low on the layman investor's radar, but the real wise guys are dropping some big time greenbacks here.  Grandma hasn't even been able to tend the bar the wise guy action is so heavy down below in the cavernous Eastside watering hole Bleeda and I call 'home'...

That's all I've got Beaver fans. Take it and win. Go Beavs! Dam them Bears!!

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