OA's keys to the Cal game

It's a week after Hurricane Dennis. The levees didn't break, there was no widespread panic, no looting (or "finding" if the looter happens to be Caucasian, whatever), and the folks at FEMA slept peacefully in their beds, with visions of Heinekin dancing in their heads.

Somehow, Chicken Little continues to squawk that the outcome of the game was still cause for concern. While we at BeaverFootball.com agree that the Idaho game didn't prove that OSU is now a national champion contender, we are still a little mystified as to what all the whin...er, discussion is about. The offense went conservative with a big lead against an overmatched opponent with a coach that is locally beloved and highly respected.

Isn't that kind of what you are supposed to do? Control the clock, grind it out, and get out with a win.  I guess everyone would rather see Riley go Spurrier on St. Dennis.

Let's talk about Cal now, shall we? The real question is, will Tedford refuse to shake Riley's hand again this year? Or will he break out the stink-palm if he sees Mike eating some chocolate-covered pretzels?

Time will tell. On to the keys!

1 - Stop The Run.
File this one under, "Duh." Marshawn Lynch is going to get his yards, but the Beaver D needs to take this one as a personal challenge of their manhood after Ian Johnson left cleat marks on virtually every OSU defender. Memo to D-Dog: Wrap up, sky the eyes, tuck the tail, and drive the legs.


2 – Get the 12th Man in the Game.
Dear Mr. Coker: I will be there, I will be loud, I will stay late. Get your teammates to play with just 90% of the intensity you bring and we will echo it. A couple big plays early will set the tone – on offense we've got to go for the jugular and on defense we need 11 hats to the ball. Force a fumble, force a pick, get a sack and get Cal on their heels and the crowd spitting nails.


3 – Go Sammie Go.
Sammie Stroughter is again a big cog in the machine. Big punt returns from Sammie will get the crowd fired up and put a dagger in Cal's heart. Sammie is also the big play guy at wide receiver. A big game for Sammie means room for Yvenson to run, the double teams off Big Joe, and points for the Beaver offense.

Reviewing last week's keys:

  1. Stop the Run: Aside from a draw play or two, Idaho was completely shut down. 3 yard gains were tremendous victories for the Vandals. That is good stuff.
  2. Keep the Turnover Ratio Positive: Job well done, Beaver defense. 6 forced turnovers is a great outing, and Dorian Smith gets a tongue for the coming out party. Keep it up, DS.
  3. Special Teams Dominance: The whole stadium held their breath every time Sammie touched the ball. Even though he didn't break the big one, he had a couple brushes with going yard. Loomis is looking better every week and Serna finally hit a field goal.

Today's Useless Bit of Info:

Insiders have enjoyed the Collegio prediction for each of Oregon State's first three games – and Collegio has been perfect. This week Collegio picks the Beavs straight up.

I'm just saying.


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