The Wiseguy Weekly - My vice is nice

Bleeda was on a leave of absence last week attending a Sports Handicapping convention in Las Vegas. BeaverBobe stepped up to the plate last week and went 2-1, winning a couple dimer plays to add $900 back into our bankroll for the year.

UW did a deadly number on my UCLA pick in the previous week which dropped the cash flow two dimes plus the juice. The record on the year for the Wiseguy Weekly now stands at 6-6, with a bankroll of $6590. The big unit bets have been brutal on this Beaver, but a rebound is around the corner.

At the convention I learned my vice is nice. Free food, free insider advice, free systems, and just free-flowing fun in the free society. We're going to win some money this week! So let's lock and load!

Clemson #15 (4-1) @ Wake Forest (5-0) +16.5.
I'm taking all those points and the Demon Deacons in this national televised game. It's a huge game for this basketball school and they get to play in front of a screamin' home crowd in a match up that will have conference division implications. Hell, maybe BCS possibilities if this team is for real! But that's a stretch since this is the Deacons first test of the season.

In the last five meetings between the schools four of the games have been decided by eight points or less. Another factor in this game that gives Wake Forest a chance is that Clemson will be without wide receiver Chansi Stuckey, their biggest playmaker. I think I might name my next cat Chansi, has a nice ring to it. While we're at it let's call this Bleeda's "Chansi Lock of the Week" I'm laying down $2200 to win two dimes.


Oregon #11 (4-0) @ #16 CAL (4-1) OVER 59.5.
This game will be the battle of two explosive offenses. The winner will claim rights to challenge USC for the PAC-10 title.

I like the OVER 59.5 on the points in this game. I did some simple math. The Ducks average 40.3 points per game and the Bears 38.4 ppg, which gives us a total of 78.7 points per game. I believe that gives us ample wiggle room if these teams don't hit their averages. Meanwhile after exhausting myself with that complexity of number crunching I've been looking for a proposition play for overtime with no such luck yet.

On NFL contests you often get at least 3-1 odds to project an OT game. It's a sucker bet, but this game smells like overtime, so that's another reason why I like the OVER. $550 play to win a nickel.


Two team parlay: Fresno State (1-3) -26 @ Utah State (0-5) and UNDER 47.
The Aggies from Logan, Utah can make an argument for being the worst team in Division 1-A college football. They've been skunked three out of five this year. Zero'd, blanked, goosegg'd.

Utah State did manage to only lose 41-21 last week, but this was against Idaho and we all here in Beaver Nation know how bad the Vandals are. The Bulldogs of Fresneck have played some good teams tough and are ready to let out their frustrations on a hopeless team like the Aggies. I'm seeing a score of about 38-7. Throwing down $500 and plan to turn it into about $1320 more, which pays approximately 13-5 odds.


BeavaBleeda will believe this Saturday in Corvallis and hope not to bleed. Normally about now I would commence with the "Bleeeeeeeeeeed it" signoff, but since this weekend we have the Washington State Cougars coming to town. It's time to put that dreaded hex on them.


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