QUOTES: Riley's post game comments

Oregon State head coach Mike Riley's comments following his team's 13-6 loss to Washington State Oct. 7, 2006.

Moving the ball but not getting any points.
“We shot ourselves in the foot in the redzone mostly on turnovers. I can’t recall all the situations, but it took us out of some opportunities for sure.”


Did you think about putting Canfield in the game?
“Well I did. I wanted to put him in the second quarter but as that game…the way it was…everything was pretty tight. I almost didn’t think it was right when I was thinking about it. I just did think it was the right thing to do. Had we had a better rhythm…I would have felt comfortable having him go in. I think I would have do it.

I think Matt missed some throws again, but he made some good throws and he played tough. We missed the opportunity on a couple of blitzes at the end that hurt. Besides that I think he hung it real well.”

Talk about Sammie.
“There’s a lot of things with the losses really that’s disappointing. I would have loved for our players rewarded for the effort of the week because it was a great week. You could feel that was a different passion that was out there then was out there a week ago about football and I really appreciated that. I could see it coming…you feel like you can’t every predict that, but there was great enthusiasm and our whole bench was in the game the whole time. More players had real ownership in it, which is fun to see. And adding the nickel gave us another deal with more players having ownership. That is one reason why I liked the personnel substitutions on offense and we went to the nickel for that reason too. There was a great preparation and because of the commitment…when a team’s going at it you feel that commitment and the passion of the game.

A lot of frustration in the locker room, how do you keep the players spirits up?
“You are right. What I told them is this – everybody knows, it’s almost understated, the fact that we played hard and competitively and fought. Everybody knows that. I told them I wish we could have been rewarded with a win, but that’s tough, that’s life. It’s gonna happen to you in all sorts of other ways throughout life. So you don’t always get rewarded for exactly what’s supposed to happen because of your effort. But what does that mean that you do? How are you going to react to that? And that’s easier said than done. We all know that. So we got to fight back starting tomorrow, and I think we will.”


On Matt’s interception in the endzone.
“It was late (the pass). I think Eve might have hurried the route a little bit, but he was wide open. I will tell you who made that play – Bruce. He made Moore sidestep. He made that play because if Matt could have stepped and thrown right on time it’s a touchdown. But he had to slide to his left and then it caused the throw to be late."


A crossroads game. Which direction is this team heading?
“That’s it. That’s why we don’t draw lines in the sand, but it would have been a great game…it’s a home game, it’s kind of a new life for our team…but what we will have to do is draw on improvement, draw on the effort, and say let’s keep going. It’s not a dead in, we are going to keep on going and playing and who knows what’s going to happen. There are wonderful kids. Hard working. They care a ton and there’s a lot of good football players out there. We’ve just got to iron out a few things. It doesn’t matter what game you play. If you have five turnovers, you are not going to win. So we can improve that.”


Can you point to some things on offense and say that is wrong?
“Tonight it was turnovers. We stretched the field…I think the turnovers didn’t give us a chance to execute some times in the redzone.”


Sack on third down which resulted in OSU’s second field goal of the game.
“There’s a hot throw to Joe there that we have got to get rid of the ball.”


And the last sack?
“Same thing. It’s just a blitz adjustment and it’s part of life and they got us on a couple of them. If you hit the adjustment on it, then your winning.”


Reviews were not kind to the home team. Moore’s fumble.
“You know what? I can’t honestly say. I wish I could tell you what I thought about it but I didn’t see it. I was looking at Eve. I thought we were going to have a nice gain to Eve on that play. I knew what the coverage was and what he should do with the ball and he was trying to do that."

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