There are always pluses and minuses

That was a tough one. The pre game mood at Reser was upbeat but nervous. Most of the people that I talked to (or eavesdropped on) before the game were reluctant to give a prediction on the final score. The final didn't turn out the way we Beaver fans wanted it to but, even in a loss, there are pluses and minuses.

Plus: Todd (the football god) attended his first home game of the year.

Minus: He wore a gray shirt and refused to sign up for a credit card to get a free orange shirt. Todd could have at least called web master Dan or I before the game, we probably have over 20 orange shirts between us. I’m buying a can of orange spray paint before the next home game.


Plus: The stands were pretty full; the crowd was pretty pumped up and loud.

Minus:We were into the game less than 30 seconds before someone asked Todd (the football god) to sit down. Come on people; live college football is an interactive event. If you don’t want to get loud, it’s you own business, but don’t get mad a people around you for whooping it up. If it bothers you to stand, listen to the game on radio or watch it on television.

Neither plus nor minus: WSU had a good showing from its faithful followers. They were boisterous and made lots of noise, kudos to you WSU faithful and kudos to the WSU players for going down to the end zone to celebrate with your fans after the game.


Plus: At least this game was competitive.

Minus: A loss is a loss.

I take it back: I’ll take a loss like Saturday’s loss over a loss like the Cal game any day. The Beavers, as the saying goes, left it all out on the field, and they were in it to the end.


Plus: Yankees lost

Even bigger Plus: Ducks lost. The California uniform selection was hilarious. Perhaps the Beavers should take note for the Civil War.


Minus: Is it me or does PAC-10 officiating (football and basketball) kind of suck?
The PAC-10 officials punked the Beavers three times in the first half alone.

Plus: The NCAA instituted instant replay to make sure bad calls by the officials get corrected.
Minus: It doesn’t work. Personally speaking; I would do away with instant replay altogether. It slows down the game, PAC-10 replay official’s equipment frequently malfunctions, and it’s not like the replay officials get it right much more often than the on the field officials.

Neither plus nor minus: The officials were not the reason the Beavers lost.

Plus: The crowd really got into it after the bad calls. Reser was rockin as the Beaver faithful voiced their displeasure. The forward pass/fumble was the funniest part of the game. The crowd was really giving it to the officials when the call was made but calmed down after the announcement that the bad call would be reviewed. I’m sure that 42,951 people were sure that the call would be overturned. When it wasn’t, the volume really went up.

Neither plus nor minus: Is it morally correct to take away a 47 yard field goal when the defensive team gets called for “disconcerting signals?” If this penalty is a dead ball foul, how come the whistle wasn’t blown before the kick?


Plus: Beavers’ defense played like the defense of old. The linebackers looked like OSU linebackers, flying to the ball and making plays reminiscent of the days of Tony O, Rico P, Nick B, Richard S, Darnell R, James A, and on and on and on and on.

Minus: Beavers’ offense played like the offense of old. The offense looked like OSU offenses from the past, enough said.


Plus: The shotgun formation is an excellent formation when you are going to pass and everyone knows you are going to pass, especially if Scott Davis knows you are going to pass.

Minus: The shotgun formation doesn’t work if you don’t use it.


Plus: Special teams play was terrific. Kick coverage bottled up the WSU kick returners, Kyle Loomis gets better every week; Coye Francies was solid on kickoff returns, and Sammie Stroughter absolutely torched WSU on punt returns.

More of a random thought than a minus: Why call for a punt block when Sammie is tearing it up?


Now it is up to Seattle for the Beavers. Seattle would be a good place to turn around a season. Go Beavs!


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